What Are The Different Types Of Tummy Tucks?
Though every patient is different, the main goal of a tummy tuck is to provide a smoother, flatter stomach. But did you know that there are different versions of the popular procedure? Most patients require a standard tummy tuck, but...
How Does A Tummy Tuck Work?
The tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that has been growing in popularity ever since it was created. The goal of this procedure is to tighten the abdominal wall by eliminating excess skin and fat that is present in the abdomen. Then,...
What To Expect After Your Tummy Tuck
When it comes to creating a tightened core and flat stomach, we see many clients opt for a tummy tuck to achieve the look they want. The procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a...
Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Or Both? Which Plastic Surgery Solution Is Best For You?
Cosmetic medicine has several methods to help you create a toned and slim midsection. Procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, and more are all possible options – but determining which is right for your case can be difficult. In this blog...
Why You Might Consider A Full Tummy Tuck
If the idea of having a tummy tuck has entered your mind, we can imagine the number one reason, body sculpting! This body contouring procedure is most well-known for tightening, slimming, and flattening the midsection. This is nothing to “shake a stick...
Your Tummy Tuck Do And Don’t Recovery Guide
Abdominal fat can be some of the most challenging fatty tissue to eliminate. This is because so many factors influence this type of fat, from our genes to our stress level to our age. If you continue to struggle with...
How To Recover From A Tummy Tuck Procedure
If you are interested in having a tummy tuck, you are probably wondering what recovery is like. While the process is relatively straightforward, planning your recovery ahead of time will make it easier to heal and get back to your daily...
Is A Bella Body Lift Right For Me?
If your diet and exercise efforts haven’t delivered the toned, fit abdominal region you desire, you’re not alone. Many men and women experience the same struggles. Dr. Chiaramonte has developed a procedure called the Bella Body Lift to address this...
How A Tummy Tuck Can Restore A Flat Stomach After Pregnancy
our body goes through a variety of changes during pregnancy, and your abdominal region is one of the areas that will be impacted the most. While a healthy diet and regular exercise are important to restore your pre-pregnancy figure, these...
Tummy Tuck: Your Guide To Beautiful Results
If you’d like to achieve a more toned, fit stomach appearance, then a tummy tuck may be an excellent option. This body contouring procedure can have dramatic results, helping you look and feel your best. We’ve prepared the following Slideshare presentation to...

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