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For patients who wish to turn back the hands of time without undergoing plastic surgery, our MediSpa’s anti-aging treatments in Maryland and DC can be an ideal alternative. These minimally invasive procedures provide effective, nearly instant results with little to no downtime.

If you are in the Maryland or Alexandria, Virginia region and you would like to explore non-surgical enhancements, call our New Harbor office at  301-567-6767 to schedule your appointment today.

For patients who wish to turn back the hands of time without undergoing plastic surgery
Chemical peels (often called “chemosurgery”) can be used by Dr. Chiaramonte and Dr. Costeloe to eliminate the top parts of areas
There are more facial rejuvenation options available than ever before, allowing you to turn back
Has your youthful appearance been marred by persistent lines and wrinkles? Dysport® could be your solution.
Removing unwanted hair can be a hassle. Grooming options such as tweezing, shaving and waxing can be both time
Modern advances in cosmetic laser technology allow you to address a wide range of skin conditions and aesthetic goals safely and effectively.
We are very excited to be able to offer our patients the latest in skin care treatments at Spa Bella
A chiseled jawline is often considered a hallmark of attractiveness. Regrettably, the inevitable process
At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we offer the latest and most advanced facial rejuvenation options available in order to deliver the beautiful results you desire.
Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have come a long way in recent years
During the program, we provide patients in Maryland and DC support to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle
Our Spa Bella MedSpa offers our own line of medical-grade skin care products to address just about any skin type or condition.

Real Patient Results

My results turned out to be much better than expected and I am so happy with the way they look and feel. Dr.Chiaramonte is a phenomenal surgeon and would never think of going to anyone else!
Dr Chiaramonte is very professional and made me feel like I was in the best hands. He was very thorough and explained the whole procedure to me and did not make me feel rushed when asking questions. I would highly recommend Dr Chiaramonte to any friend or family member.
In searching for a doctor to perform my breast augmentation, I came upon Bella Cosmetics through a google search for plastic surgeons in Maryland. I corresponded with Denise, the coordinator for Dr. Chiaramonte. She was always very friendly, professional and helpful, and the rest of the staff were very amiable and welcoming. During my first (and second, and third) meeting with Dr. Chiaramonte he was very informative, patient and understanding. It is great that he takes the time out of his busy schedule to sit down for complimentary consultations. Although I ultimately decided against the surgery (for the time being), I had a great experience with Dr. Chiaramonte, as well as the staff at Bella Cosmetics. Would recommend to anyone!
CJ Wash
Dr. Chiaramonte exceeded my expectations. I am a month post-op from having the Bella Body Lift. Dr. C and his knowledgeable staff were patient and attentive to my questions and concerns. He provided realistic expectations for achieving the desired hourglass figure that was hidden under the markings of birthing two children and lousy eating habits. The figure has since returned better than ever. I am grateful to Dr. C for restoring my self-confidence and will certainly consider him for future services.
The entire office is fantastic, highly professional and so caring. And the smiles that come in and leave the office are amazing. Clients are happy with their results. And Dr. Chiaramonte is the best all-around. He is So kind and extremely skilled. Love you all Bella !

Choosing The Right Anti-Aging Treatment

As you age, your skin can develop a variety of imperfections, from fine lines and deep wrinkles to dulling of the skin or sun damage. Depending on which type of issues you want to correct, our Maryland and DC cosmetic surgeons can provide a range of anti-aging treatment options to choose from.

For wrinkles caused by overactive muscles, Dysport treatment is an ideal solution that works by relaxing facial muscles to create a smoother appearance. Dysport is often a successful treatment for the correction of:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Lipstick or smoker’s lines
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Vertical lines between the brows

Alternatively, dermal fillers can be used to hide lines and wrinkles, but these treatments work by adding more volume to targeted areas rather than relaxing your muscles. In this way, dermal fillers can be used to treat additional imperfections such as acne scarring or a loss of soft tissue volume. Some dermal fillers can be used to augment the lips or cheeks if desired. Our dermal filler options include:

If your main goal is simply to enhance the overall tone and appearance of your skin, microdermabrasion and chemical peels can be incredibly effective treatments, especially when combined.

For daily maintenance to prolong your skin’s youthful appearance, our exclusive Spa Bella Skin Care line is the ultimate treatment.

What Treatments Are Ideal for Aging Skin?

Aging skin responds best to chemical peels that fully exfoliate the outer layer. Our medium peels do a nice job of that at Bella. You can have a medium peel once every season, four times a year. In between, microdermabrasion is great for keeping aging skin looking younger and more vibrant.

Our injectables, while they can magically erase lines and creases and return volume to sunken areas such as the cheeks, can’t do anything to improve the quality or appearance of the skin.

When to Consider Anti-Aging Treatments

There’s no set “start” date for anti-aging treatments in Maryland and DC. The best approach to preserving your skin is to protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Yes, those rays that give your skin a tan also age it with every minute of unprotected sun exposure. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays is a must, and you shouldn’t opt for anything under 30 SPF.

People are opting to begin having neuromodulator (Botox and Dysport) injections at younger ages. They are basically trying to prevent crow’s feet and the 11s from forming in the first place.

It doesn’t make any sense to start dermal filler injections until you see the lines or wrinkles that need filling. The mirror will tell you when that time has come.

As for chemical peels and microdermabrasion, your 30s is a good time to start having these treatments.

Are Anti-Aging Treatments Painful?

These treatments aren’t painful. The anti-aging injectables we provide at our MedSpa in Maryland and DC are easy to take. For Dysport, the injections are not made to great depth, so patients don’t feel the need for any topical numbing. Our dermal fillers are injected a little more deeply, into the dermis layer of the skin. Prior to these injections, we typically apply topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable.

Microdermabrasion is not painful. Microdermabrasion only targets the outermost layer of your epidermis, and patients don’t require any topical anesthesia. Some patients equate the feeling to that of a facial massage, others say they feel a slight warming sensation as the crystals gently abrade the old, damaged outer layer of skin.

The chemical peels we provide are superficial/light peels and medium-depth peels. We do not perform deep phenol peels at Bella. Light peels only penetrate the outer epidermis, which isn’t painful. Afterwards, your skin may feel as if you have a slight sunburn, but this passes in a day or so.

Intermediate peels will involve some stinging while the trichloroacetic acid (combined with other ingredients) is applied and stays on your skin. Afterwards, your skin will sting slightly and will feel tight and there will be some swelling. We’ll apply protective ointment and you can take over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. Your skin will feel tight and will crust over slightly before it begins peeling. Once it begins peeling, the period of discomfort is usually over. Redness, while not painful, can linger for a couple weeks.

What People Say About Us!

I have been going to Dr. Chiaramonte for years and I am always pleased with my results. The staff is always so professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Chiaramonte truly cares about his patients and has a great bed side manner. I will continue to go to Bella cosmetics for all my beauty enhancement desires.
Stacy Copeland

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Potential Risks with Anti-Aging Treatments

All our anti-aging injectables at our Bella MedSpa in Maryland and DC have been approved by the FDA. To gain those approvals, each injectable had to demonstrate effectiveness and safety. Since its first approval, these injectables have been injected tens of millions of times across the globe. They have proven to be very safe and have created legions of loyal users.

With any injectable, the main side effect is slight redness and swelling at the injection sites. This is the same with any injection. Dr. Chiaramonte, and Dr. Costeloe perform all of our Dysport injections because the only real risk with this neuromodulator is injected into an unwanted muscle, and this can create problems such as a drooping eyelid. That’s why you only want to have a neuromodulator such as Dysport injected by a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy.

With our hyaluronic acid fillers, if you don’t like the way the filler looks once it is injected, we can instantly reverse the effects with the injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This instantly breaks down the hyaluronic acid that is the main ingredient of our fillers and returns the site to the way it looked prior to the injection.

Microdermabrasion is a gentle treatment that lightly exfoliates the outer epidermis. There isn’t any risk involved.

Our light and medium peels are also very low risk. We don’t perform deep peels because of their potential risks for scarring, infection, hyperpigmentation, and other problems.

How Long Will My Results From Your Anti-Aging Treatments Last?

Dysport erases wrinkles on the upper third of the face — crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead lines — for up to four months.

Dermal fillers last between 9 months and 18 months depending upon the area they are injected into. Areas that involve lots of movement, such as the lips or around the mouth, tend to get broken down more quickly by the body than areas such as the cheeks that don’t move as much.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peels provide, you could say, permanent improvements. But they can only last as long as the skin cycle. Our largest organ, the human skin fully replaces itself every 27 days. For young people that cycle can be a little shorter — that’s one reason why young skin looks, well, younger. For older people, the cycle slows, and that’s one of the factors why older skin can look dull and lifeless.

Recovery Following Anti-Aging Treatments

There can be some slight crusting of the skin after a medium peel. It won’t be dramatic enough to keep you from going to work or anything, but you may have some of that, along with moderate peeling. Your skin will be red for a few days as well. Superficial peels only create light flaking and little if any redness.

Microdermabrasion doesn’t have any recovery or downtime. Neither do our anti-aging injectable treatments in Maryland and DC.

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