At Bella Cosmetic Surgery we offer state-of-the-art chin augmentation and reduction surgery and provide chin implants that are tailor-made for both men and women. Strong chin and jawlines provide the classic silhouette for a man. On the other hand, women need jaw and chin lines that are balanced and defined yet soft and feminine.

The chin is as essential as the eyes and nose to the overall appearance of one’s face. A pronounced chin is a conspicuous factor in the masculine face. Additionally, more and more modern women are seeking out well-defined chins and noses than before.

Chin augmentation in Maryland and DC can make for a more proportional profile by lending strength to a poorly defined chin, eliminating any skin folds located under the lower lip, or making a narrow chin wider. The bone itself can be pushed forward or backward, narrowed or widened, shortened or lengthened, to allow for nearly endless options. A large array of implant forms and substances can be used to reshape the chin to its most pleasing delineation. Learn more about this popular facial surgery by calling our office today.

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How Is Chin Implant Surgery Performed?

Chin implant surgery is a common way to enhance the shape and size of the chin. This procedure is performed as an outpatient surgery. You may receive general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. During the brief procedure, Dr. Chiaramonte and Dr. Costeloe will make an incision near the chin. This may be inside the mouth or just under the chin, where there is a natural crease. They then create a pocket for the implant beneath the muscle but over the chin bone. The implant will form around the bone, keeping it stable. Incisions are closed with stitches. If you receive an external incision, a small bandage will also be applied. The entire child implant procedure is usually done in an hour at our office in Maryland/DC.

What is the Recovery from Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Your chin augmentation recovery in Maryland and DC is a unique experience that will be affected by several factors, including the procedure or combination of procedures you have done. That said, a general guideline for your recovery is as follows:

Initially, your chin will be covered with a dressing and a compression garment that wraps around your head. You can expect to feel sore and tender. Your chin and lower face may feel tight, as well, when you talk and move. Taking your prescription medication as directed, these side effects can be well-managed. So as not to disrupt the chin, especially if your incision has been made inside the mouth, you may keep a liquid diet for a couple of days. If your incision is made externally, beneath the chin, you may follow a soft food diet. This can minimize discomfort and promote optimal stabilization of the implant within its intended tissue pocket.

Your initial phase of recovery may last 5-10 days. You may feel well enough to return to work and light activities after 2-3 days. You must avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks. By that time, you might be cleared to resume your normal activities. Keep in mind that it can take up to six weeks for the last little bit of swelling to disappear. It is then that you’ll appreciate the full effects of your procedure.

Will It Be Obvious That I’ve Had Chin Augmentation?

Your Maryland and DC chin augmentation is designed to look completely natural. Your surgeon will begin your treatment plan with a thorough examination of your facial anatomy and an explanation of the appropriate augmentation options. Dr. Chiaramonte and Dr. Costeloe will listen to your goals and concerns and create your surgical plan around them. Their training and experience enable them to discern the characteristics that will look most natural on your face. For example, in general, chin augmentation in men is devised to create a stronger, more angular jawline. Women’s chin augmentation also enhances size and projection but with a bit more softness.

Can A Chin Implant Move?

It is unlikely that your chin implant will move. However, there is a very slight chance of this happening during your short recovery period while the body is encapsulating the implant over the chin bone. Taking care not to rub or bump the chin, you can expect your implant to stabilize in place as it was inserted. Once you’ve healed from chin augmentation surgery in Maryland and DC, your implant should remain in its intended position indefinitely. In the unlikely event that your implant shifts out of place during your post-operative period, Dr. Chiaramonte and Dr. Costeloe can correct this issue.

What Procedures Complement Chin Enhancement?

Your chin augmentation can be further enhanced by a facelift, laser skin resurfacing, endoscopic surgery (facial rejuvenation), a forehead lift, a rhinoplasty (nose surgery), or an eyelid lift—all available from Bella Cosmetic Surgery in Maryland/DC.

Chin Reduction

Chin reduction (or mentoplasty) is a procedure that removes excess bone from the chin point. A small incision is made in the submental crease beneath the chin and a shaping instrument is used to recontour the bone. Immediately after the procedure, to reduce the swelling and occasional bruising, a light pressure dressing is applied that can be removed with 2-4 days and normal activities and be resumed. Any bruising and swelling, subsides within a short period of time with minimal discomfort that can easily be controlled with medication.

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For an estimate of the procedure’s cost, please schedule a consultation with our surgeons. During your consultation, our board-certified surgeons will work to understand your goals and help you determine if a chin augmentation is right for you. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons for chin augmentation in Maryland and DC, please complete the form on this page or call 301-567-6767 today. Bella Cosmetic Surgery welcomes patients from the metro Washington DC area, Maryland, and Virginia, as well as out-of-state and international patients, and offers telehealth consultations.

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