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Modern advances in cosmetic laser technology allow you to address a wide range of skin conditions and aesthetic goals safely and effectively. At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, our Med Spa offers a variety of laser skin resurfacing treatments to help you look and feel your best. These non-surgical procedures offer immediate results and little downtime.

Laser skin resurfacing in Maryland and DC can be performed to reduce and eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the hassles associated with other treatments. Our Sciton lasers are widely viewed as some of the most advanced aesthetic lasers on the market today, offering highly customizable and relatively painless results.

You can learn more about the laser skin resurfacing options we offer and receive individualized treatment recommendations by speaking with our advanced providers in person. Please call 301-567-6767 today to schedule a consultation.

For patients who wish to turn back the hands of time without undergoing plastic surgery
Chemical peels (often called “chemosurgery”) can be used by Dr. Chiaramonte and Dr. Costeloe to eliminate the top parts of areas
There are more facial rejuvenation options available than ever before, allowing you to turn back
Has your youthful appearance been marred by persistent lines and wrinkles? Dysport® could be your solution.
Removing unwanted hair can be a hassle. Grooming options such as tweezing, shaving and waxing can be both time
Modern advances in cosmetic laser technology allow you to address a wide range of skin conditions and aesthetic goals safely and effectively.
We are very excited to be able to offer our patients the latest in skin care treatments at Spa Bella
A chiseled jawline is often considered a hallmark of attractiveness. Regrettably, the inevitable process
At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we offer the latest and most advanced facial rejuvenation options available in order to deliver the beautiful results you desire.
Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have come a long way in recent years
During the program, we provide patients in Maryland and DC support to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle
Our Spa Bella MedSpa offers our own line of medical-grade skin care products to address just about any skin type or condition.

Real Patient Results

My results turned out to be much better than expected and I am so happy with the way they look and feel. Dr.Chiaramonte is a phenomenal surgeon and would never think of going to anyone else!
Dr Chiaramonte is very professional and made me feel like I was in the best hands. He was very thorough and explained the whole procedure to me and did not make me feel rushed when asking questions. I would highly recommend Dr Chiaramonte to any friend or family member.
In searching for a doctor to perform my breast augmentation, I came upon Bella Cosmetics through a google search for plastic surgeons in Maryland. I corresponded with Denise, the coordinator for Dr. Chiaramonte. She was always very friendly, professional and helpful, and the rest of the staff were very amiable and welcoming. During my first (and second, and third) meeting with Dr. Chiaramonte he was very informative, patient and understanding. It is great that he takes the time out of his busy schedule to sit down for complimentary consultations. Although I ultimately decided against the surgery (for the time being), I had a great experience with Dr. Chiaramonte, as well as the staff at Bella Cosmetics. Would recommend to anyone!
CJ Wash
Dr. Chiaramonte exceeded my expectations. I am a month post-op from having the Bella Body Lift. Dr. C and his knowledgeable staff were patient and attentive to my questions and concerns. He provided realistic expectations for achieving the desired hourglass figure that was hidden under the markings of birthing two children and lousy eating habits. The figure has since returned better than ever. I am grateful to Dr. C for restoring my self-confidence and will certainly consider him for future services.
The entire office is fantastic, highly professional and so caring. And the smiles that come in and leave the office are amazing. Clients are happy with their results. And Dr. Chiaramonte is the best all-around. He is So kind and extremely skilled. Love you all Bella !

How Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Help Me?

Our laser skin resurfacing treatments in Maryland and DC can address a wide variety of skin imperfections, including:

  • Aged or wrinkled skin – Surface layers of aged or sun-damaged skin can be removed, allowing healthier, younger skin to take its place.
  • Age spots, freckles and surface veins – Using a broadband light attachment, our Sciton laser system can reduce or eliminate age spots, small facial veins (telangiectasias), rosacea, freckles and brown spots.
  • Loose, sagging skin – The Sciton laser can be used to address underlying collagen in the skin to effectively tighten sagging on your face, neck, arms, abdomen and other body areas.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Options We Offer

Our Spa Bella staff has personally evaluated the results of our Sciton laser treatments, and we have specifically chosen to utilize this system because of its safety, efficient performance, and versatility.

This state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer several laser skin resurfacing treatment options to our Maryland and DC patients, including:

  • Profractional laser treatments – This advanced carbon dioxide laser can accurately pinpoint problem areas of the skin without disturbing normal, healthy tissue. In addition, it can smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles without the use of scalpels or stitches, eliminating the scarring and bruising associated with more invasive procedures. Within a few weeks of your treatment, your skin’s youthful beauty and natural glow will be restored.
  • Microlaser peel treatments – Microlaser peel treatments remove dead and damaged surface layers of skin to facilitate deep skin rejuvenation. Your treatment is customized to address your unique skin condition and is an effective option to correct wrinkles, scars, keratoses or pigmentation issues. You’ll experience immediate results with minimal downtime.

In addition, we offer laser hair removal treatments to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted hair. We use the Light Sheer diode laser system, which is effective for all skin types.

Laser Skin Resurfacing FAQs

How Long Does A ProFractional™ Laser Treatment Take?

Our ProFractional™ laser treatment in Maryland and DC is a relatively quick and easy procedure. Depending on the number of areas being treated, the procedure can last anywhere from 40-60 minutes. Before your treatment, a numbing cream is applied to make the procedure more comfortable.

How Long Is A MicroLaser Peel Treatment Session?

A MicroLaser Peel session usually takes around 30-40 minutes to complete. The amount of time the procedure takes depends on the size of the treatment area. For example, if treating both the face and neck, the procedure will be closer to 40 minutes long.

ProFractional™ Laser Vs. MicroLaser Peel: How Do I Know Which Is Better For Me?

Although both ProFractional™ and MicroLaser Peel treatments behave similarly, they remove skin differently.

The MicroLaser Peel removes a thin layer of the epidermis, helping to smooth out fine lines and even out the surface of the skin. Since the treatment only affects a superficial layer of skin, it heals relatively quickly. It is ideal for patients who have mild wrinkles, scars, or sun damage.

In contrast, the ProFractional™ Laser treatment removes small portions of the skin, leaving healthy gaps between the treated areas, almost like a polka dot pattern. However, this treatment penetrates a little deeper, about halfway through the dermis, to directly stimulate collagen production. This powerful treatment is best for patients that have moderate wrinkles, dark scars, and hyperpigmentation.

Combining these two treatments is a popular option for our patients in in Maryland and DCwho want longer lasting results. This not only helps even out the texture of your skin, but also restores a youthful radiance to your face.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Generally, an ideal candidate for laser skin resurfacing in Maryland and DC must be in overall good health with realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. In addition, you may also be a good candidate if you have:

  • Skin with fine wrinkles and sun damage
  • Skin with a leather-like texture
  • Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • Acnes scars, dark spots, or blotchy patches of skin

Laser skin resurfacing may not be the ideal treatment for those with active acne or a dark skin tone, so contact our team if you have any questions.

Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Hurt?

It makes sense to feel concerned about comfort when having laser skin resurfacing. After all, we are using thermal energy to remove a portion of the upper layers of your skin! That said, you can trust that your provider will take measures to keep you as comfortable as possible. This includes applying an anesthetic cream or ointment to your skin for a short time before your laser treatment begins. This may not completely numb your senses but it does diminish them so you can easily tolerate the procedure.

How Many Laser Treatments Do I Need?

The number of treatments you need to achieve your desired outcome may differ from other people. We determine the best course of treatment for you based on your concerns and goals and also on the comprehensiveness of your laser treatments. If you prefer a lighter treatment with the least amount of downtime, you may benefit from a series of two to three sessions scheduled weeks apart. You may also benefit the most from scheduling one or two treatments a year. We’ll discuss the various factors that are involved in your situation during your initial laser skin resurfacing consultation in Maryland and DC and plan an ideal program around that.

What Can I Expect After Laser Skin Resurfacing? Will I Need Time Off?

To be on the safe side, you may want to arrange to have one week off work and other activities after receiving laser skin resurfacing. As conservative as our treatments are, they will still cause some redness and swelling. These side effects may look worse on day two or three of your recovery but begin to fade shortly thereafter. Some people do feel “socially ready” after just three or four days. However, it’s difficult to know exactly how quickly your tissue recovery will occur. Taking time off allows you to return to work and other engagements only when you feel really confident in your appearance!

How Long Do Laser Skin Resurfacing Results Last?

In the early days of laser skin resurfacing, the results from treatment may last longer than five years. Those treatments, performed with strong CO2 laser devices, also obliterated the upper layers of the skin in a much more aggressive manner than we usually see today (you’d need general anesthesia to undergo treatment). The improvements in laser technology haven’t just made treatments less invasive, though, they’ve reduced downtime while also sustaining a significant level of results.

Your results from a MicroLaser peel or ProFractional laser skin resurfacing in Maryland and DC may last three to five years. You might also begin to notice some signs of aging and sun damage will before then. There are several factors that contribute to your overall experience. Fortunately, the primary factors are within your control. If you want your results from laser skin resurfacing to last as long as possible, practice excellent skincare and sun protection every day. You may also benefit from periodic chemical peels to reinforce your body’s natural collagen production, and from optimal nutrition to support biological functions related to cellular turnover. We’re happy to discuss strategies for maintaining beautiful, resilient, youthful skin even as you age.

How Can I Prepare For A Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment At Bella Cosmetic Surgery?

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your laser skin resurfacing treatment in Maryland and DC. First, avoid excessive sun exposure. UV rays are the number one factor in aging skin, so make sure you are protected if you have to be outside for more than 30 minutes. A wide-brimmed hat is preferable.

Second, stop applying skin care products to your face. Certain creams, lotions, etc. may have an adverse reaction with your skin during and immediately after the treatment. To reduce the risk of complications, wash your face with warm water.

Finally, if you smoke, try to stop smoking for a few weeks before and after the surgery. Nicotine can interfere with your body’s healing process and can inhibit collagen synthesis.

Contact Us for Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments in Maryland and DC

Our Spa Bella staff can recommend the right laser skin resurfacing treatment for your unique needs and goals. Please call 301-567-6767 today to schedule a consultation and learn more about laser skin resurfacing in Maryland and DC. We serve patients in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia.