Embark on a transformative journey with Bella Cosmetic Surgery, led by the expertise of board-certified surgeons Dr. Michael Chiaramonte and Dr. Anya Costeloe. Bringing over two decades of medical experience and the highest qualifications, Drs. Chiaramonte and Costeloe deliver unparalleled treatments to our valued patients.

Plastic surgery in Alexandria opens the door to self-transformation. To explore our plastic surgery treatments and find the one that suits you best, schedule your consultation today.

How Plastic Surgery Can Change Your Life

Plastic surgery has the power to be incredibly transformative for our patients. Our Alexandria plastic surgeons can help you:

  • Take control of your life and happiness
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Find the courage to put your best foot forward
  • Feel secure and satisfied with your appearance
  • Discover newfound comfort in professional, social, and romantic situations

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte or Dr. Costeloe to explore how our plastic surgery procedures can address your cosmetic goals and concerns.

Our Plastic Surgery Procedures

While not exhaustive, here are some of our most popular plastic surgery procedures for Alexandria patients. Drs. Chiaramonte and Costeloe are eager to discuss our full range of services during your initial consultation.

Bella Body Lift

The signature Bella Body Lift, combining a tummy tuck and liposuction, rejuvenates your midsection, unveiling a tighter, toned, chiseled, and sculpted figure.

Mommy Makeover

Countless women have realized their dream post-pregnancy body through Dr. Chiaramonte’s mommy makeover transformation. This customizable procedure addresses various areas like face, breasts, stomach, thighs, legs, butt, back, or arms. Best of all, this procedure uniquely customizable to your needs and desires.

Breast Surgeries

Enhance nearly every aspect of your chest with procedures focusing on size, volume, shape, firmness, and symmetry. Schedule your consultation for more information about our breast enhancement procedures.


Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical solutions for permanent weight loss for one simple reason: it works. In a matter of hours, liposuction melts away unwanted fat, leaving you with a tighter, toned, and more chiseled body. Dr. Chiaramonte is exceptionally well-qualified to perform liposuction for male and female patients.

Tummy Tuck

Ideal for patients not achieving desired results from diet and exercise alone, a tummy tuck, performed by Dr. Chiaramonte, strategically removes excess skin, tissue, and fat for a slimmer and more defined stomach.

Facial Plastics

By combining cutting edge technology with world-class medical credentials and experience, Drs. Chiaramonte and Costeloe can help you present your best face to the world. At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we offer some of the leading facial plastic surgery procedures, including facelifts, eyelid lifts, nose surgeries, and chin augmentations. Together, Drs Chiaramonte, Costeloe and their exceptional team can help you achieve results that are naturally and authentically true to you.

Your Consultation with Dr. Michael Chiaramonte or Dr. Anya Costeloe

Embark on your transformation with a personal consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte, the medical director of Bella Cosmetic Surgery, or his esteemed colleague, Dr. Anya Costeloe. This is your opportunity to acquaint yourself with Dr. Chiaramonte and the Bella team, understand our work, and explore our specialty plastic surgery treatments. During this meeting, Dr. Chiaramonte or Dr. Costeloe will learn about your needs and treatment goals for your Alexandria plastic surgery. The doctor will thoroughly review your treatment options to assist you in making an informed decision. Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your potential treatments.

Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Consultation in Alexandria

For exceptional plastic surgery procedures, turn to us. Drs. Chiaramonte and Costeloe are renowned for their expertise in facial plastic surgery, breast surgery, and body sculpting procedures. Schedule a consultation with Bella Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about the services we offer and begin your journey to your best self with plastic surgery in Alexandria.

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