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Methods and techniques in facial rejuvenation surgery have changed quite noticeably over the years. The standard facelift used to be the only option for those seeking an enhanced and tightened face. Eventually, eyelid and brow procedures became more and more standard. With contemporary procedures, it is possible to look beyond simple tissue and fat reduction to reduce wrinkles and sagging. It is important to view the entire face, from the surface skin down to the form of the skeleton.

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By considering the skeleton itself as the dynamic “bottom layer” of your face, our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Michael Chiaramonte and Dr. Anya Costeloe, can manipulate and enhance the interface between soft tissue and bone. With the use of a special instrument, much like a microscope but called an endoscope, we can accomplish the goal of offering additional facial enhancement options.

The most typical area for this piece of technology’s use is in the forehead and brow area. Surgery at the brow region allows them to be reshaped and repositioned for a more youthful look. In addition, it further masks deep wrinkles that form around the brow and eyes’ active muscles.

This procedure is one example of some of the technological advances that have occurred in cosmetic surgery. We hope you find this information helpful and would be happy to provide you with an individual and confidential consultation to determine if endoscopic surgery in Maryland and DC is right for you.

The Best Candidates For Maryland Facial Rejuvenation

If any of the following describes you and you are a resident of Maryland or DC, facial rejuvenation surgery from our advanced providers may be your solution:

  • Increasingly saggy or drooping brows, creating a tired or melancholy appearance
  • Deep lines across the brow
  • Furrowed creases among the eyebrows and occasionally across the upper portion of the nose

A procedure known as a forehead lift can help all of these unsightly features. The procedure may often be done simultaneously with a facelift, which eliminates surplus skin and tightens muscles in the middle and lower facial region. If there is a dramatic amount of drooping skin in the upper lids or baggy circles beneath the eyes, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery may be necessary, as well as a forehead lift.

The Surgery

In each of the aforementioned techniques (forehead and brows as well as with mid-facial region), our Maryland and DC endoscopic surgery is done under IV-induced sleep and local anesthetic. Usually, three to five ½-inch cuts are made in order to allow the operator to see with a miniature scope and to remove the tissue with an assortment of very narrow tools. When the flesh has been adequately re-formed, it needs to adhere to something. Small screws are placed into the exterior layers of the skull to allow for a firm anchor. In a mid-facial procedure, deep fascia may provide anchoring of the flesh.

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