Why You Might Consider A Full Tummy Tuck

If the idea of having a tummy tuck has entered your mind, we can imagine the number one reason, body sculpting! This body contouring procedure is most well-known for tightening, slimming, and flattening the midsection. This is nothing to “shake a stick at,” as Grandma might say. The results of a good tummy tuck can be immensely gratifying. However, the cosmetic outcome is just one of the bennies you can expect to achieve when you commit to surgery performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. We’ll discuss a few others here.

A Full Tummy Tuck Can

Make it easier to maintain your weight. Studies indicate that people who undergo abdominoplasty surgery are very likely to develop or revise lifestyle habits that will better support long-term results. Having a tummy tuck doesn’t necessarily make it easier to maintain an optimal weight. The way that it works is that it can boost your motivation to keep the results you have finally attained. Before your tummy tuck, you may have been eating healthy and exercising but not seeing results because you had loose skin or separated abdominal muscles. Through this surgery, your new work becomes much easier.

Make exercise feel more comfortable. If you have been working out with excess abdominal fat and skin that resulted from motherhood or weight loss, the process may have been somewhat uncomfortable. Extra fatty tissue around the midsection can make you feel self-conscious. Tissue may feel compressed by tight workout clothing. Redness and irritation may affect the skin. We could go on and on. First, we want to acknowledge the hard work you have put into achieving your healthiest weight amidst these frustrating factors! Second, we want you to know that your future workouts can be more comfortable and satisfying once that excess tissue is gone.

Alleviate stress urinary incontinence. Women do not often recognize the relationship between their abdominal strength and their pelvic floor. Stress urinary incontinence has largely been discussed as an age-related problem. Women who have given birth, regardless of age, may have the impression that stress urinary incontinence is just part of the experience of motherhood. It is, yes, but it doesn’t have to be. In addition to having a flatter, tighter tummy, you may also find that your strengthened abdominal muscles better support your pelvic floor muscles that control urine retention.

Discover Your Ideal Tummy Tuck

We recognize the pull toward the mini tummy tuck. Dr. Chiaramonte routinely performs this technique for qualified patients. While the mini tummy tuck has its advantages, we cannot overlook its limitations. If your abdominal anatomy has changed significantly with age, weight, or pregnancy, the full tummy tuck may hold more advantages for you. Consulting with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Chiaramonte, you can feel confident that your treatment plan will be tailored to your exact needs. To start your body contouring journey, contact our plastic surgery practice near Washington DC at 301-567-6767.

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