4 Reasons To Get Plastic Surgery During The Winter Months

Fall is in full swing, and the cold winter weather will be here soon. If you’re thinking about getting plastic surgery, you’re actually entering the perfect time of year to undergo your desired procedure. There are many reasons why winter is the optimal time for plastic surgery.

You Have Plenty Of Time To Recover Before Summer Arrives

The warm summer weather provides a great opportunity to show off your beautiful new figure. Whether you are planning a beach trip to the coast or spending lots of time by the pool, plastic surgery can help you put the finishing touches on your workout efforts and help you look great in a swimsuit. If you are opting for body contouring or breast surgery, getting your procedure during the winter provides you with plenty of time to recover before summer.

Many plastic surgery procedures involve a lengthy recovery process. Often, it can take 3-6 months to see your final results. If you want to show off your new beach body next summer, you’ll need to plan ahead. Waiting until spring to undergo your procedure may not give you enough time to be fully recovered when you hit the pool or the beach. By scheduling your procedure for the winter months, you give yourself the necessary time to recover by summer.

Minimize Days Off Work While You Recover

The holidays often provide you with built-in days off work. It’s common to have a long weekend over Thanksgiving and extended time off in December around the Christmas and New Years holidays. Scheduling your procedure around these holiday breaks can help you minimize the amount of vacation days you’ll need to take while you recover.

It’s common to miss 1-2 weeks of work while you recover from most plastic surgery procedures. If you schedule your procedure for the middle of December, these paid days off during Christmas and New Years will allow you to recover while only taking a few vacation days. This leaves you more time off to take a trip with your family once you’re fully recovered.

The holiday season provides an additional benefit to your recovery process – you’ll be able to find fun holiday movies airing around the clock for several weeks. You’ll have plenty of entertainment options during those first few weeks of recovery when you need to spend lots of time resting.

Greater Scheduling Options

Never underestimate the power of procrastination. Many people will wait until it gets closer to summer to start scheduling their procedure. As a result, Dr. Chiaramonte often books up quickly during the spring months, making it harder to find an appointment that works for you. Planning ahead will allow you to avoid this spring plastic surgery rush.

Undergoing your procedure during the winter will give you greater flexibility regarding your scheduling options. This will allow you to choose a time that works best for you. Flexible scheduling can be especially important for extensive procedures, such as a mommy makeover, which involve longer recovery periods.

Cold Weather Is A Great Time To Stay Home And Recover


For many people, summer is the ideal season to engage in their favorite outdoor activities. It can often be hard to spend weeks at home recovering during the warm weather. Conversely, the frigid winter temperatures and snowy weather often give you a great excuse to stay home and relax. What better time to rest and recover than when you aren’t motivated to leave your house?

It’s also important to understand that depending on your procedure, you’ll need to spend between 4-8 weeks avoiding strenuous athletic activities. If you’re an active person, getting plastic surgery during the summer can ruin your prime window to engage in many of your favorite activities. Scheduling your procedure for winter ensures you’ll be fully recovered and ready to resume athletic activities before the warm weather arrives.

In addition, the cold weather wardrobe requires wearing lots of heavy sweaters, jackets and scarves. These clothing items are ideal for concealing compression garments and other items that must be worn during your recovery after plastic surgery.

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If you’re going to undergo plastic surgery this winter, you’ll need to start planning ahead. Now is the time to get the process started if you’d like to schedule surgery for December, January or February.

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