What Is Done In Breast Augmentation?

During breast augmentation, breast implants are used to enlarge breast size. All implants are made from a silicone outer shell that contains either saline liquid or silicone gel. The primary benefits of this procedure are:

  • Larger breasts
  • Improved symmetry
  • Perkier breasts
  • Overall improved breast shape

The implants are placed in the breasts through small incisions created by Dr. Michael Chiaramonte. You will be under general anesthesia and so you won’t need to worry about any discomfort during the surgery. The incision locations may be around the areolas, across the fold where the breasts meet the chest, or in the armpits. You and Dr. Chiaramonte will discuss the best incision option based on various aspects of your surgery.

Implants can be placed above the chest muscle or below it. The two placement options have various advantages. Oftentimes women without much breast tissue may choose behind-the-muscle placement because it offers more coverage of the implants.

Once the breast implants are placed, Dr. Chiaramonte closes the incisions. Shortly after, you will awaken from surgery and spend a little time in monitored recovery before being cleared to go home. You will have previously arranged for a family member, your spouse, or a friend to drive you home because you won’t be able to drive yourself.

Understanding What Is Involved In Breast Augmentation

If you’ve never undergone a cosmetic surgery before, you may be a little nervous about the idea of surgery and what is done during a breast augmentation. Dr. Chiaramonte will explain the whole process to you during your consultation and make sure your questions are answered. Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure in the U.S., according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Although side effects and risks are possible, Dr. Chiaramonte carefully reviews your health history and other candidacy factors to reduce the risk of serious complications. We want you to feel confident about any procedure you ultimately choose, so you can rely on us for clear, straightforward information about cosmetic surgery.

Learn More About How Breast Augmentation Is Performed

If you are interested in breast enhancement, Dr. Michael Chiaramonte is ready to help you decide which procedures can accomplish your goals. To find out if you are a good breast augmentation candidate, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery, at  301-567-6767, to arrange a consultation in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

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