The Benefits Of Chin Augmentation

Looking to give your facial profile a lift? Chin augmentation can be the answer. Through this procedure, you can enjoy improved balance and proportion of your nose and jawline and address weak chins or asymmetry-related issues. Learn more today about the benefits of chin augmentation by reading this blog and contacting us today!

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that can create a more balanced and symmetrical facial appearance by reshaping, adding volume, or altering the chin area. The recommended course of action depends upon your unique goals but typically involves using implants, fat grafting, or a combination thereof. For more specific enhancements like softening wrinkles around the mouth and lips, Botox injections may work as well.

Benefits Of Chin Augmentation

The most obvious benefit of chin augmentation is that it can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your face. A well-defined chin can give you a stronger jawline, which makes you appear more confident and attractive. It can also help correct any asymmetry between your eyes and nose, giving you a perfectly balanced facial profile. The chin augmentation procedure can also reduce wrinkles around your mouth and sagging skin around your lower lip.

A chin augmentation could also improve airflow through your sinuses or throat if you have difficulties breathing through your nose due to structural problems.

How Long Does It Take For Chin Augmentation To Heal?

Patients usually begin to see procedure results after about six weeks, when most swelling has subsided. To ensure recovery over this period, vigorous movements or activities should be avoided and normal activity can typically commence after 10 days have passed.

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