How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a surgery performed to contour the shape of the buttocks, add volume, and lift the area. Knowing what to expect throughout the surgical process, the recovery period, and beyond is vital.

How Long Does A BBL Last?

People often ask, “Is a BBL permanent?” In most cases, the results of your Brazilian butt lift are semi-permanent. Due to the fact that your fat cells change over time, it’s impossible for your procedure to deliver a truly permanent outcome. However, you can realistically expect to maintain 60-70% of the fat transferred into your buttocks for many years when you take the proper steps to maintain your results. Brazilian butt lift results can potentially last for decades without the need for a follow-up treatment.

In recent years, the Brazilian butt lift has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity. Over 24,000 people had this procedure performed in 2018, representing a 19% increase from the previous year. One of the main reasons this has become the preferred buttock augmentation option is due to the use of your own fat, providing a truly natural augmentation method.

How Is The Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

The Brazilian butt lift utilizes a fat transfer procedure to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks. Liposuction is performed to harvest fat from a donor region, such as the abdomen, back, or thighs. This fat is purified before being strategically injected into your buttocks at varying locations and depths in order to achieve your desired outcome.

In addition to improving the appearance of your buttocks, the procedure delivers secondary body contouring benefits to the donor area. Dr. Chiaramonte can use the liposuction procedure to help you achieve a more contoured, balanced, and attractive figure.

Not All Of The Fat Will Be Retained

During the first few weeks after your procedure, you will lose approximately 30-40% of the volume added during the fat transfer procedure. This is natural, and Dr. Chiaramonte is able to plan for this by carefully overfilling the buttocks during your fat transfer. This will allow you to achieve your desired outcome even though the entire amount of fat isn’t retained.

While it is normal only to retain 60-70% of the fat transferred during your Brazilian butt lift, you must take the proper steps during the initial recovery after BBL surgery to ensure you retain as much of this fat as possible.

What To Expect 3 Weeks After BBL

After surgery, you will need to avoid sitting directly on your butt for 2-3 weeks. This will allow the fat cells to settle properly, ensuring you retain as much of this fat as possible. To alleviate pressure on your butt, we recommend that you sit on a special air cushion during this initial butt lift recovery period. You should also sleep on your side or stomach instead of your back for several weeks.

How Long Should You Be On Bed Rest After BBL?

After a Brazilian butt lift surgery, you will need to have bed rest for approximately three weeks. You will be provided pain medication to help make the recovery process more comfortable, and it may help to have a caretaker during your first week of recovery.

How Long After A BBL Can I Drive?

You will have to wait at least two weeks after your procedure to drive your vehicle. In some cases, patients may be required to wait longer. This is particularly true for patients who might occasionally feel weak or dizzy in recovery.

How Bad Is Recovery From A BBL?

The first several days after your procedure will usually be the most challenging. You may experience swelling and bruising, which can cause some discomfort. You may also experience some bleeding at the incision sites. After a few days, the initial pain will subside, and the recovery process will get easier. It is vital to follow your doctor’s recommendations to ensure the best possible recovery.

What Steps Can I Take To Maximize My Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

In addition to avoiding sitting on your butt, you should take the following steps after surgery to maximize the duration of your Brazilian butt lift results:

  • Wear the proper garments: Make sure you wear the compression garment provided by Dr. Chiaramonte in order to facilitate the healing process. You’ll also need to avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothes during the first few weeks of recovery since these garments can damage the fat cells transferred into your buttocks.
  • Watch your diet: You’ll need to eat foods that provide your body with the nutrients necessary to heal. Foods that are good to eat during the Brazilian butt lift recovery time include avocados, walnuts, salmon, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Do not smoke: Smoking can hinder a proper blood supply to the newly transferred fat cells, which can reduce the likelihood that they will survive the procedure. In addition, smoking impedes your body’s ability to heal, which can increase the risk of complications and potentially have a negative impact on your final results.
  • Wait to resume exercise until Dr. Chiaramonte determines it is safe: In general, it will take about 6-8 weeks for your body to fully heal. You’ll need to avoid strenuous exercise during this time. Once Dr. Chiaramonte clears you for exercise, we recommend that you gradually ramp up your efforts as your body feels ready to handle this increased level of physical exertion.
  • Maintain a stable weight: Fluctuations in weight after a Brazilian butt lift can negatively impact your results. Losing a significant amount of weight can result in a reduction in the size of the fat cells transferred to your buttocks. Excessive weight gain can result in the accumulation of fat in undesirable areas of your body, which may cause your newly contoured figure to become unbalanced. To avoid these issues, we recommend that you reach your target weight prior to your procedure. After surgery, you’ll need to live a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and regular exercise to ensure you maintain a stable weight.

How Long Do Buttock Implants Last?

By taking several steps to preserve the results of your surgery, you can expect to continue seeing results from your BBL after 10 years. This is comparable to silicone implants. However, in contrast, a BBL uses your own body fat to improve the volume, appearance, and texture of your buttocks, which ensures more natural-looking results.

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