Breastfeeding And Breast Augmentation: What To Know?

If you plan to be a mother who breastfeeds, you should know how getting a breast augmentation can affect nursing. With more than 20 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement, Dr. Chiaramonte is eager to keep you informed about the unique relationship between breastfeeding and breast augmentation.

Can I Breastfeed After Getting Surgery On My Breasts?

In most cases, yes. The majority of mothers can enjoy breastfeeding after having a successful procedure. Breast augmentation does not stop your breasts from lactating.

But bear in mind that nipple damage can occur if your surgery was performed by an unskilled cosmetic surgeon. Nipple damage can make it harder for your baby to latch. A poor latch can also make it painful to breastfeed. Furthermore, if a botched surgical procedure has inverted or flattened your nipples, you may not be able to breastfeed at all.

Does Breast Augmentation Affect My Milk Supply?

Yes. Breast augmentation surgery can affect your milk supply. Initially, your milk supply may be low because your milk ducts, areolas, and the nerves throughout your breast had been cut into and repositioned. However, they heal, so the issue of low milk supply is not permanent. It is also worth mentioning that a lactation specialist can offer advice on how you can increase your milk supply post-breast enhancement surgery.

Will I Need A Second Breast Augmentation After Breastfeeding?

Maybe. Post-nursing results vary from mother to mother.

In general, lactating causes your skin to stretch. When you stop nursing, the ligaments that expanded your skin to make room for milk may now cause your skin to sag over your implants. Therefore, it is common for mothers to get a second breast augmentation procedure (or breast rejuvenation surgery) after they’re done nursing.

Breast Augmentation Expert in the DMV

If you plan to breastfeed, then it is important to discuss it with your cosmetic surgeon. Open and honest communication will help your doctor make informed decisions about where to make incisions and where to place your implants. You’ll need a knowledgeable breast augmentation surgeon, such as Dr. Chiaramonte, to perform your procedure if you want the best results for you and the baby you’ll have one day. Dr. Chiaramonte is not only a breast augmentation expert; he is also the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at John Hopkins. To book an appointment with him at Bella Cosmetic Surgery, call 301-567-6767.

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