6 Things Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know About Tummy Tucks

At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, our foremost goal is doing everything we can to give you a pleasant, successful experience. This is certainly true when you’re a Maryland patient considering a tummy tuck.

We’ve long understood that a patient’s state of mind is an incredibly important determinant of the success of a patient’s experience at our office. Put another way, a relaxed patient is likelier to have a better experience. We want you to be at ease during your time with us.

One important element to relaxation during the surgical process is knowledge. We want you to know as much as you can about the tummy tuck procedure – that includes the surgery itself, but also pre-surgery preparation and post-surgical recovery. This knowledge will ensure you’re an informed, relaxed patient when you visit our office to discuss your procedure.

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What You Need To Know

As part of the process of providing you with the information you need, we’ve prepared this post with vital facts about the tummy tuck procedure. Reviewing it will prove very helpful during your research process.

Knowing as much as possible about the procedure before you visit our office for your initial consultation will prove quite helpful. You don’t want any surprises at any stage in the tummy tuck process.

Here are six things you should know about the tummy tuck procedure before you make any decisions:

  • A tummy tuck is major surgery: The tummy tuck procedure is commonly performed and has an impressive safety record. But it’s still important to understand that the procedure is quite significant. It puts a major strain on your body. That’s not meant to scare you, of course, just to emphasize the importance of understanding what the procedure entails.
  • The tummy tuck procedure is quite safe: This point is worth emphasizing again: while the tummy tuck is major surgery, it’s quite a safe procedure. Hundreds of thousands of patients across the world undergo a tummy tuck every year, so you know the procedure is common. It’s been around for decades, so experienced plastic surgeons have been able to hone the tummy tuck procedure to a point of exceptional reliability and effectiveness.
  • When a tummy tuck is a good idea: At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to safety – it’s our number one goal. A crucial part of that commitment is ensuring all of our patients are good candidates for a procedure before moving forward with it. When it comes to the tummy tuck, we’ll carefully evaluate you to ensure this procedure is the right choice for you. The ideal tummy tuck candidate is at or near their ideal bodyweight and is good overall mental and physical health. The tummy tuck is often a great idea for women who’ve recently undergone pregnancy or anyone who has lost a great deal of weight.
  • Your choice of plastic surgeon matters: You also need to understand that not all plastic surgeons are created equal. Your choice matters a great deal. The tummy tuck’s impressive safety statistics were put together by experienced, properly trained plastic surgeons, and that’s who you should look for when choosing your tummy tuck provider. Make sure your plastic surgeon has ample experience and possesses board certification in the field of plastic surgery. You should also ask to view some before and after photos of prior tummy tuck patients to get a sense of the type of results achieved by your prospective plastic surgeon.
  • Realistic expectations are vital: The tummy tuck can effect an extraordinary change in your abdominal region, but it’s important to remember a plastic surgeon is not a miracle worker. The tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure – it is designed to strengthen and tighten loose abdominal muscles and remove excess fat and skin. Understanding this is crucial to having a successful experience. If you know what to expect, you’re more likely to be satisfied by your results.
  • The recovery process can take some time: Because the tummy tuck is a significant procedure, recovery is vital. You need to show patience and invest the needed time in your post-surgery recovery. It may take a few weeks before you can return to work. You’ll also need to gradually ease back into your workout routine over the course of a couple of months. Dr. Chiaramonte will provide you with a detailed recovery timeline. Make sure follow it to the letter.

The good news is that if you do your research, choose the right plastic surgeon and follow all of Dr. Chiaramonte’s pre- and post-surgery instructions, there’s every reason to have confidence that your tummy tuck will go smoothly.

Why Choose Bella Cosmetic Surgery

We are convinced, based on years of experience, that our approach produces extraordinary results for our patients. Dr. Chiaramonte has been practicing as a plastic surgeon in Maryland for decades. He understands how to successfully guide you through the entire process. You can count on Dr. Chiaramonte and the entire staff at Bella Cosmetic Surgery to treat you with the respect and sensitivity you deserve at this important time.

We will always respect your ability to ask any questions you might have, whether they’re about the tummy tuck procedure or about our practice. We welcome these questions, because we know you have a right to learn as much as possible about us before we move forward with the procedure. We will not try to push you into anything you’re not comfortable with, and we will not ignore or belittle your questions.

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