3 Things You Need To Know About Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is an effective way to treat a wide range of skin conditions. Whether you’re interested in correcting pigmentation issues, improving your skin tone, reducing the severity of acne scars or restoring a more youthful appearance, one of our laser treatments can help achieve your goals.

While laser skin resurfacing can achieve dramatic results, there are certain factors that must be considered before undergoing treatment. The following items will provide valuable information as you research your options.

Individuals With Darker Skin Tone May Still Be Candidates For Laser Skin Resurfacing

While laser skin resurfacing typically achieves the best outcome on individuals with lighter skin tone, you can still experience excellent results if you have a darker skin tone. With darker skin, choosing the right laser for your treatment is crucial to achieving your desired outcome. Our med spa aestheticians have extensive training administering laser procedures, and we’ll make sure the right laser is used for your specific skin tone.

The Timing Of Your Procedure Matters

In general, late fall and winter provide the optimal timing for a laser skin resurfacing procedure. There are several reasons to undergo your treatment during this time of year:

  • Laser skin resurfacing can increase your sensitivity to UV rays. Undergoing treatment in late fall or winter will minimize your sun exposure while your skin is hypersensitive as it heals.
  • Having a deep tan can impact your results since the laser is drawn to darker skin tone. Therefore, you will achieve the best possible outcome once your summer tan has faded.

The Experience Of Your Provider Matters

The skill of your provider is just as important as the laser used for your treatment. You will minimize your risk of complications and experience the best results when you have your procedure performed by a highly trained and experienced provider.

Our med spa aestheticians have undergone extensive training and administered laser skin resurfacing procedures on a wide range of skin types, tones and conditions. This experience allows us to address just about any issue you need to correct safely and effectively.

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