Buttock Augmentation

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Plastic surgery procedures can achieve extraordinary things on your behalf. With a skillfully executed procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Chiaramonte can eliminate your cosmetic concerns and leave you feeling beautiful and sensual once again.

We've long understood that the buttocks are of particular concern for our patients, especially women. As such, many Maryland women have undergone a buttock lift at Bella Cosmetic Surgery.

But a lift is not your only option. You can also undergo a buttock augmentation, which involves the placement of implants in an effort to augment the size and shape of your buttocks.

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A buttock lift is generally desired by patients who believe their buttocks are over-sized or oddly shaped. We can then use liposuction to remove excess fat while re-distributing the remaining fat in an effort to re-shape the buttocks.

A buttocks augmentation, by contrast, is an excellent option if your primary concern is a belief that your buttocks lack size or prominence. Society has taken significant strides in understanding that noticeable buttocks can be striking and alluring, and as such it's become a physical trait that many patients in the Maryland area desire.

We're now at a point where a particularly small rear end can be considered a cosmetic imperfection. With an augmentation, we can address this issue.

The procedure can involve the placement of implants, fat grafting or both. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will make a decision based on your particular needs and the make-up of your body.

The augmentation itself is relatively simple. After making a small incision, Dr. Chiaramonte will lift the gluteus maximus muscle and create a pocket that will hold the implants. Soft silicone implants will be placed in such a way as to ensure symmetry and beauty.

We understand that the decision to undergo plastic surgery is a significant one. We welcome a full, compassionate discussion of your desires and believe it's our responsibility to help you find the safest, most effective method of achieving them.

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