The Important Benefits of Sleep Following a Plastic Surgery Procedure

plastic surgery Sleep is incredibly important. After a period of inadequate sleep, you may find it difficult to make it through the day. However, despite many knowing how vital sleep is for overall health, few recognize how crucial sleep is for recovery following a plastic surgery procedure.

Learn some important benefits of sleep to ensure you properly recover following your plastic surgery procedure.

Rest Is Not the Same As Sleep

Before going over the many benefits of sleep, it is important to understand a key distinction: rest is not the same as sleep. Following a plastic surgery procedure, your doctor will recommend rest, which is also important. However, staying in bed or engaging in minimal activity is not the same as sleeping. Important physiological processes, from metabolite processing to tissue repair, happen during sleep that don’t happen when you are simply resting.

Reduce Inflammation

Following your surgery, your body will engage in a healing response known as inflammation. The area that was affected by the procedure begins to swell due to metabolites, nutrients, and more. While inflammation can go down when you are awake, sleep utilizes a concentrated effort.

Without adequate sleep, you may be unable to reduce inflammation properly. Addressing inflammation is not only vital in recovery, but it can also be uncomfortable. Long periods of inflammation may mean extended time of discomfort.

Sleep Lowers Stress

Stress doesn’t just impact your day-to-day; it can also stunt your recovery. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can break down tissue, which can hinder your recovery. Proper sleep keeps cortisol levels manageable, encouraging tissue to grow after plastic surgery.

Work With Bella Cosmetic Surgery in Oxon Hill, MD

Sleep is important for recovery regardless of what plastic surgery you undergo, from breast augmentation to nose surgery. Another component important for recovery is working with capable and experienced doctors who can help ensure proper results while mitigating complications that would otherwise extend recovery time.

At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Chiaramonte has over 20 years of delivering personalized, exceptional results.

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