Eyelid Lift Surgery

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More so than any of your other features, the eyes indicate the most about how you are feeling. When your eyes are open and lively, you appear to be full of energy, rested, and engaged in what’s going on around you. However, such common unsightly ailments such as puffiness, sagging, or dark circles can make you appear tired or even older than you actually are.

Dr. Chiaramonte encourages you to request a consultation if you are considering blepharoplasty so that you can learn more about this procedure and receive a professional opinion about your cosmetic needs. Please call 301-567-6767 to learn more.

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The Best Candidates for a Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

In the Northern Virginia area and Maryland, eyelid surgery is available to patients of nearly any age. Most patients undergo eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, to reduce the visible signs of age. Many individuals in their twenties and thirties, however, may also gain benefits from the operation.

Eyelid surgery may be a good choice for you if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Upper eyelids
    • Surplus skin that conceals the fold of your upper eyelid
    • Sagging skin that droops down from the upper eyelid
    • Lumpiness in the upper eyelid that creates a tired look
  • Lower eyelids
    • Surplus skin and noticeable lines in the lower eyelid
    • Puffy “bags” and, in some cases, dark circles

Eyelid Surgery at Bella Cosmetic Surgery

The technique used for your blepharoplasty will depend on your individual eyelids’ traits and Dr. Chiaramonte’s evaluation.

Upper eyelids

Typically, the surgical cuts begin within the naturally occurring crease of the eye’s inside corner and goes slightly through the outside corner into the crow’s foot or laugh line area. Surplus skin and fat are then removed through this cut. The line follows the contour of the upper eyelid and appears natural when healed.

Lower eyelids

The lower lashes usually hide any incision made in this area. Through this opening, excess skin, muscle and fatty tissue are excised. Dr. Chiaramonte may also implement some specific changes; for example, the fatty tissue underneath the eye can be reshaped to eliminate bulginess or awkward lumps. In some individuals, the muscles that lie under this area will be tightened.

After Your Eyelid Surgery

  • The first day
    • In the first period of your healing, it’s important to rest with your head in an upright position.
    • A cold compress on the area can reduce inflammation.
  • Within the first week
    • Discoloration around your eyes will reach its peak and then begin to fade.
    • As the healing process takes place, slightly blurry vision, lots of tearing or noticeable dryness, photosensitivity, or itchiness can occur.
    • You can start to use cosmetics to conceal any bruising.
    • Your sutures will naturally dissolve or be taken out.
    • You may resume non-physically stressful activities.
  • After several weeks
    • Most of the inflammation will disappear, and you’ll start to see the effects.
    • Any sight-related occurrences will fade.
    • You may take up strenuous activities, including bending and lifting.
    • You may put in your normal contact lenses.

Your New Look

Most signs of the procedure will fade after several weeks. The eye area, though, must be handled with great care for several months. If you go out in the daytime, you should apply a sunscreen product to your eyelids and wear tinted glasses to shield the area against harsh wind and sunlight.

The effects of eyelid surgery are typically long-lasting. It is important to remember, however, that nothing can reverse the aging process forever. During your visit, Dr. Chiaramonte can give you valuable information about methods to keep your eyes looking their best.

An infographic explaining the benefits of a blepharoplasty.

Eyelid Surgery Cost

Depending on several factors, including whether you are addressing the top eyelid, the bottom eyelid or both, your eyelid surgery could fall anywhere between $3,250 and $7,300. The only way to know exactly what fees to expect is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte to discuss your goals and cosmetic options.

To learn more about eyelid surgery, visit our office in National Harbor, Maryland, request a consultation online, or call the office at 301-567-6767.