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I received very personalized service. They made sure all my questions were answered were answered. The entire staff was friendly and very personable.
The atmosphere and location of the facility, the customer service of the staff (nurse and patient coordinator), the mannerisms and experience of the surgeon. I’m usually a detailed and somewhat anal” person when it comes to my satisfaction and spending my money. In other words, you have to earn my respect and satisfactory grade. I don’t just give it to you. I have nothing but kudos to offer this practice. It wasn’t the cheapest, but, BY FAR, it was the best decision I made in choosing this surgeon. No regrets and would recommend (have already) to friends considering the procedure I underwent.”
I can’t say enough about my highly satisfying experience with Dr. Chiaramonte and his staff. From my pre-op to post-op, Dr. C and his staff were there to answer questions and provide a comforting shoulder for concerns that I had. I interviewed several doctors previous to Dr. C and none could compare to the warm office atmosphere and the great bedside manner that he has. My scars healed nicely and don’t have any horror stories like I read on the internet about other people results. I had a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation and I’m very pleased with the results as well as the cost of the procedures. I would and have recommend Dr. C to people considering plastic surgery.
It takes a skill, a talent and personality to be successful as a surgeon, Dr. Chiaramonte has that talent. There is so much emotional trauma and stress that a patient has when making a decision to have surgery. And I’m referring to myself here. You are placing trust in the hands of another human. Dr. Chiaramonte and his staff have the bedside manner and knowledge to comfort. You, as a patient, are person and they become not only medically involved, but personally involved. It takes the availability listen to the next level. As Dr. Chiaramonte isn’t just listening to you, he, and his staff are hearing you.
The overall experience at this office was better than any medical encounter I have ever had. The staffare professional, curteous, genuinely kind and caring.
Dr. Chiaramonte and all of the girls in the office are very nice, knowledgeable and personable (not to mention they are all easy on the eyes). I was treated very well and would not hesitate to go back to Dr. C for any other surgery in the future. In fact, he is the only Dr. I would go to in the future for cosmetic surgery. Thanks for all of your support and kindness.
The office was nice and neat, the environment was very friendly, the employees were open and honest to my questions. There was never a time that I could not get in touch with my PS or a staff member. Most important, my results are fantastic. It’s only been about 11-12 weeks post-op and I’m showing off already!
I was very pleased with my experience. I had several surgeries at one time. The overall experience was very professional. I already referred a friend who had surgery. I was very nervous and the staff really helped to make me at ease.
The staff was extremely nice and accommodating as well as the surgeon himself. Everything was professional which made the process very relaxing.
Dr. Chiaramonte patience and willingness to answer any questions or address in fears I had prior to the surgery was outstanding. He took his time to tell me what he was going to do step by step and he didn’t promise me any foolish results. His knowledge and years of experience was shown through out the whole process. I will probably go back to him for a tummy tuck. He explained to me that I probably would need a tummy tuck after the lipo because of the stretching of my skin and abdominal muscles after having 3 kids. He didn’t force the surgery for a tummy tuck. He said he would like for me to make that decision after the swelling had gone down and after a year. I would highly recommend him. His staff was kind and patience throughout and after the surgery.