Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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When choosing a cosmetic surgery provider in the Washington DC area, it's important you find someone with both depth and breadth of experience. In other words, while it's good to find a plastic surgeon with years of practice, it's just as important to find someone who is capable of safely performing the procedure that's right for you.

At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we take pride in the wide range of procedures we offer. Dr. Chiaramonte is equipped to handle just about any cosmetic need and address any concerns you might have.

This page will provide you with a list of our procedures. We look forward to talking to you about your options at a consultation.

If you live anywhere in the Washington DC area and you're considering cosmetic surgery, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery at 301-567-6767 for a consultation.

Facial Procedures

Your face is your calling card. It's what friends, workers and potential relationship partners will be looking at during most of your interactions. This means that imperfections are troubling and should be addressed, but it also means that facial procedures are quite sensitive.

Dr. Chiaramonte has the experience with facial plastic surgery you deserve. Available facial procedures include:

Our board-certified plastic surgeon will work with you to find a facial procedure that is right for your specific needs.

Body Procedures

Of course, many Washington DC-area patients are looking for a bodily rejuvenation instead. We know that an attractive, youthful body is important. You want to look and feel sexy and energetic,  and factors beyond your control can prevent you from achieving this look in spite of years of hard work.

We offer a range of body procedures for men and women, including:

Finally, we'd also like to emphasize that we quite often perform plastic surgery for men. While cosmetic surgery is often unfairly associated with women, we know that it can achieve extraordinary results for our male patients.

If you live in the Washington DC area and you're looking for an experienced provider of cosmetic surgery, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery at 301-567-6767 or contact us online for a consultation.