Office Tour - Bella Cosmetic Surgery

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We invite you to get a feel for our office by viewing these photos of our beautiful facility.

Office Entrance - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in Maryland

Welcome to Bella Cosmetic Surgery!

The instant you walk into our suites, the stunning view of National Harbor’s waterfront greets you. Dr. Chiaramonte’s own Spa Bella Skin Care line can be seen along the right-hand wall; this line was specially formulated to include treatments for a staggering array of skin concerns.

Front room - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

Enter our reception area, where relaxation is key. We make sure that you feel peaceful and welcome by providing soft music and tea, coffee, or water for your refreshment. We also invite everyone to watch our educational slideshow. This allows patients to get a better understanding of some of the procedures we perform. You can browse the collection of books specifically tailored to our office. You may also want to look at our scrapbook of patient “thank you” letters along with a compilation book of surgical photos and Dr. Chairamonte’s published articles.

Front room - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

Front room view - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

The reception area also allows you to meditate while looking at the waves, relax while viewing the boats going by, and see the traffic on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge from a different vantage point. From this area, all seems calm. This serenity allows you to focus on yourself and your cosmetic surgery.

Bella Cosmetic Surgery Sign

“Bella” is Italian for beautiful. Dr. Chiaramonte wanted the “the image of beauty” to greet each patient who enters his practice. He does not believe that there is one type of beauty, and he strives to enhance the unique beauty that each patient possesses. His goal is to match your outer beauty with your inner beauty. He has come to realize that each surgical journey is different for each and every patient, and he wants to make sure that each journey is a beautiful one from start to finish. He wants to empower each and every person that comes to his practice to reveal the beauty that has been there all along!

Consultaiton Room  - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

When you come to Bella Cosmetic Surgery, our friendly team is ready to pay attention, listening to all of your concerns and goals. Our sole purpose is to make sure that you are relaxed, in control, and at home in our practice. We want to learn all about you, help to address your questions, and assist you in selecting the right choice for your procedure. Dr. Chiaramonte will discuss all your questions and concerns with you during your medical consultation. He will let you know his medical opinion and suggest procedures to correct the areas you would like addressed. He believes in educating you and by doing so, allowing you to make an educated decision about how you would like to proceed with your journey.

Minor Procedure Area - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

Dr. Chiaramonte brings the same attention to minor surgical procedures that he applies to more extensive cosmetic surgeries. At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Chiaramonte has facilities in which he performs scar repair, earlobe repair, and other less invasive procedures. This area is placed strategically within the office so that it is private and accessible through a separate entrance.

Front Desk - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

This is our front office coordinator’s area, where you will get all your important paperwork when you first enter for a consultation. Whoever is sitting at the front desk will be able to assist you, whether you want to set an appointment, get parking instructions, find your way to the Operating Room waiting area, or even get around at the harbor. We love our patients and would like to assist you in any way we can, so we encourage you to connect with any of our staff members to resolve all of your questions or concerns.

Great view from  Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

Spa Bella is where you can come and receive treatments that make a difference almost instantly. We have times set aside for patients to come in on their lunch break for a “quick fix.” Spa Bella offers services such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and so much more. Come and enjoy the view while we turn back the hands of time.

Waiting Room - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

Deciding to have cosmetic surgery can be very private decision. Here at Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves in complying with your need for privacy. This is why the Harbor Surgery Center has a private entrance with a separate reception area, located right off the parking garage. Within the reception area are beverages that we offer to all guests, along with cable television for your viewing pleasure. This area is a relaxed environment where family and friends can pass the time, surf the internet, and provide support for the surgical patient.

Prep Room - Bella Cosmetic Surgery in MD

On the day of your surgery, your own personal nurse will attend to you. At the time of your surgery, we will treat you like the only person in the world and cater to your needs 100%. After you arrive for your surgical experience, the staff of the Harbor Surgery Center will escort you into the consult room to sign the surgery forms, to have your anesthesia explained, and to speak with Dr. Chiaramonte if you feel the need. Take all the time you want; he will answer all your questions and review your procedures so you can relax. Then you will be taken to the operating room for surgery.

We invite you to call our Maryland plastic surgery office in National Harbor at (301) 567-6767 to schedule a  personal consultation.