Spider Vein Treatments

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Spider veins are a relatively common condition, impacting roughly 30-60% of adult women. While these leg veins are usually harmless, they can be unsightly and result in self-consciousness. Fortunately, spider veins can easily be treated in a safe, painless and effective way.

Our Spa Bella med spa offers a variety of spider vein treatments to eliminate these unsightly leg veins and restore confidence in your appearance. You can learn about your treatment options by speaking with us in person. Please call 301-567-6767 today to schedule a consultation. We serve patients in Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

What Are Spider Veins?

woman with spider veins on her legSpider veins are small, dilated veins that form web-like or sunburst patterns on your legs. They are typically red, blue or purple, and they can appear on your thighs, calves or ankles. While these veins are primarily a cosmetic issue, they can lead to discomfort when left untreated.

Common causes of spider veins include:

  • Age – Your vein walls begin to lose elasticity as you get older. In addition, your circulatory system functions less efficiently with age. These issues can result in the development of spider veins.
  • Gender – Spider veins are significantly more common in women than men.
  • Genetics – A family history of spider veins increases the likelihood that you may develop them.
  • Obesity – Overweight individuals have increased pressure in their veins. In addition, the tendency for obese people to be less active can impact blood circulation. Both of these factors can lead to the development of spider veins.
  • Occupation – Working in a job that forces you to stand or sit for extended periods of time can adversely impact blood flow and lead to spider veins.
  • Trauma – An injury that results in damage to your vascular system may increase your risk of developing spider veins.
  • Pregnancy – Hormonal changes and increased blood volume during pregnancy can result in the development of spider veins. In some instances, these veins may fade after childbirth, but many women find that they remain.

Am I a Candidate for Spider Vein Treatment?

You may be a candidate for spider vein treatment if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of your treatment
  • Would like to improve the appearance of unsightly leg veins

Spider Vein Treatments

At Spa Bella, our vein therapy treatments are performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on your unique condition, we may recommend one of the following treatment options:

  • Sclerotherapy – Blood vessels are injected with a solution that causes them to shrink and disappear
  • Laser vein removal – Veins are treated with a laser, causing them to burn away
  • Ligation – Veins are tied off

Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment option we perform. It is an in-office, nonsurgical procedure designed to specifically improve the appearance of spider veins. While sclerotherapy requires injections, the process is painless and no anesthesia is required. A solution injected into each affected vein causes the vein to collapse, making it less visible.

Several veins may be treated during one visit. To achieve best results, two or more sessions are usually required.

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