Our Cosmetic Surgery Philosophy

Maryland Plastic Surgeon serving Washington DC, & Virginia including Alexandria and Fairfax.


At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we often talk about Dr. Chiaramonte's decades of experience and the advanced technology at our disposal. We possess all of the tangible assets we need to make sure our Washington DC-area patients enjoy their cosmetic surgery experience.

But a truly great plastic surgery practice requires something more, something that's a little less easily observed. It requires a philosophy that guides everyone in the office, from the plastic surgeon down to the front desk receptionist.

We've developed such a philosophy over years of hard work. Our cosmetic surgery philosophy puts you first and ensures your safety and wellbeing at all times.

If you live anywhere in the Washington DC area and you want to learn more about our cosmetic surgery practice, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery at 301-567-6767 for a consultation.

An Individualized Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

The core of our philosophy is the understanding that you are the main character in this story. We respect you and your goals and we will shape every aspect of your cosmetic surgery experience so that it makes you comfortable and relaxed.

This is our pledge to you, our patient:

  • We will always listen and never lecture. Dr. Chiaramonte is an expert in plastic surgery and will use his experience to make informed decisions, but your goals will always be our goals. We will listen when you tell us what you want, because you deserve nothing less.
  • We will ensure that any procedure we recommend is right for you- that it will achieve your goals and that it will be safe for you. We do not try and talk you into a more expensive, less appropriate procedure, and we do not perform surgery unless doing so is in your interests.
  • We will always make your safety our foremost priority. Dr. Chiaramonte only offers procedures that are safe and effective, and he has worked hard to earn board certification. We will never take any steps that will put you in danger.
  • Finally, we will keep you informed at all times. We believe that you have a right to know all the important facts regarding your procedure- including any potential risks. We make clear and open communication a priority.

These aren't talking points- they're principles, and ones we've lived up to throughout the years. You can read our reviews or view our galleries for real-life examples of the quality of our work and patient interactions.

We promise only the highest quality cosmetic surgery for our Washington DC-area patients. If that sounds like an experience you desire, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery at 301-567-6767 or contact us online for a consultation.