Chemical Peels

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In Maryland, chemical peels (often called “chemosurgery”) can be used by Dr. Chiaramonte to eliminate the top parts of areas of skin that have been damaged by age, sun exposure, or other natural factors. The skin will heal and generate new cells, a process that produces a firmer and younger-appearing countenance.

For exfoliation that is slightly deeper than a topical cream, many dermatologists recommend a chemical peel. It can improve many skin problems, such as acne and sun damage. Chemical peels can also stimulate collagen, thereby reducing mild acne scarring and actually tightening the skin. The procedure has proven very effective in helping lined, UV-affected, and aged skin. It can be given to your whole facial area or to just certain locations, such as your mouth or brow.

Other Spa Treatments

Chemical peels are just one of the many medical spa services offered at Spa Bella. To perfect your look, you also may want to consider Dysport® treatment, other wrinkle fillers such as Restylane®, microdermabrasion, or laser hair removal.

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