Chin Augmentation

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The chin is as essential as the eyes and nose to the overall appearance of one’s face. A pronounced chin is a conspicuous factor in the masculine face. Additionally, more and more modern women are seeking out well-defined chins and noses than before.

Chin augmentation can make for a more proportional profile by lending strength to a poorly-defined chin, eliminating any skin folds located under the lower lip or making a narrow chin wider. The bone itself can be pushed forward or backward, narrowed or widened, shortened or lengthened, to allow for nearly endless options. A large array of implant forms and substances can be used to reshape the chin to its most pleasing delineation.

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Chin Augmentation Cost

Chin augmentation starts at $4,300 at Bella Cosmetic Surgery. For an exact estimate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte today. During your consultation, Dr. Chiaramonte will work to understand your goals and help you determine if a chin augmentation is right for you.

What Procedures Complement Chin Enhancement?

Your chin augmentation can be further enhanced by a facelift, laser skin resurfacing, endoscopic surgery (facial rejuvenation), a forehead lift, a rhinoplasty (nose surgery), or an eyelid lift—all available from Bella Cosmetic Surgery.

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