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At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that having a beautiful butt is very important for many of our patients, and for good reason. A full, voluptuous buttocks is viewed as a symbol of attractiveness for women, and it can help you achieve a more balanced figure that looks great in clothing. While your workout routine can help tone your backside, it won’t add the volume necessary to achieve the appearance many women desire. In these situations, buttock augmentation can help.

Dr. Chiaramonte offers two different buttock augmentation options:

  • Brazilian butt lift
  • Buttock implants

In addition, we offer the Sculptra butt lift for individuals who prefer a non-surgical solution. During your consultation, Dr. Chiaramonte will evaluate your body type and listen carefully to your aesthetic goals in order to determine the right technique to deliver your desired outcome.

The best way to learn about your options is to speak with Dr. Chiaramonte in person. Please call 301-567-6767 today to schedule your buttock augmentation consultation. We serve patients in Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is the most common buttock augmentation technique we perform. A fat transfer procedure is used to add volume and definition to your backside. The popularity of this option largely stems from the fact that your own fat is used, allowing for a more natural way to improve the appearance of your butt.

You’ll experience many benefits from your Brazilian butt lift procedure, including:

  • A more balanced and well-proportioned figure
  • Full, voluptuous buttocks shape
  • Natural looking and feeling results
  • Improved body contour in the area where the fat was harvested
  • Improved appearance in swimsuits and clothing
  • Greater self-confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best

Ideal Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

You may be a good Brazilian butt lift candidate if you would like to address one of the following aesthetic concerns:

  • Add volume to your buttocks
  • Achieve greater symmetry in your buttocks
  • Improve the appearance of a buttock that is too flat or square
  • Address sagging in the buttocks
  • Improve the appearance of a lumpy, dimpled, or flabby butt
  • Look better in tight pants, miniskirts, dresses, and bikini bottoms

In order to undergo this procedure, you will need to have enough fat in another region of your body to accommodate the fat transfer procedure. The most common areas used to harvest fat are the thighs, back and abdomen. If you don’t have sufficient excess fat in a donor region, then one of our other options may be a better solution for you.

Smokers must be willing to quit prior to their procedure and throughout the recovery period. Smoking constricts blood vessels and reduces the blood supply to your tissue. This can negatively impact your healing, increase your risk of complications and make it more difficult to achieve your desired outcome

Your Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift is performed as an outpatient procedure using general anesthesia. Liposuction is used to extract fat from the donor area. This fat is processed and purified to ensure that only the highest quality fat cells are used. After the purification process, Dr. Chiaramonte will inject the fat cells into varying locations and depths of your buttocks in order achieve the fullness and shape you desire.

Some of our patients choose to undergo other procedures in conjunction with the Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Chiaramonte developed the Bella Body Lift, which combines a tummy tuck with liposuction. When performed along with a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure can transform your midsection into a beautiful hourglass shape.

We encourage you to view our buttock augmentation before and after photos to see the results that can be achieved from the Brazilian butt lift.

What Our Patients Have to Say

"Look no further and just go with Dr. C! My wife and I searched all over the DMV and after research, reviews and a consultation, we felt extremely comfortable with choosing them. The team here explained everything in detail every step along the way including Dr. C on the day of surgery. The post op follow up was even better. My wife is very pleased and extremely happy!"

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Recovery after Brazilian Butt Lift

You’ll experience some swelling and bruising that will gradually subside as part of the healing process. Dr. Chiaramonte will provide you with a compression garment which will help facilitate the reduction of swelling during the first few weeks of your recovery.

It’s crucial that you do not sit directly on your buttocks for two weeks in order to allow the fat cells to settle properly. Sitting on your butt during this time can create pressure which may negatively impact your final outcome. We recommend that you use a special cushion when sitting that will allow your rear end to hang freely, avoiding direct pressure. You should also sleep on your side for a couple of weeks to avoid pressure on your buttocks throughout the night.

You should be able to resume most daily activities, including work, within two weeks. However, make sure you refrain from strenuous exercise until Dr. Chiaramonte determines you are sufficiently healed to safely engage in these more rigorous activities.

Results will gradually become apparent as you heal. However, it often takes approximately six months before your final outcome is visible.

Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photos

Buttock Implants

If you don’t have enough fat to harvest from a donor region, Dr. Chiaramonte may recommend buttock implants to achieve your desired outcome. This method involves the use of silicone implants to add the desired fullness and shape to your rear end.

Does a Buttock Augmentation Require Anesthesia?

Buttock implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. After making a small incision, Dr. Chiaramonte will lift the gluteus maximus muscle and create a pocket that will hold the implants. Soft silicone implants are then placed in your buttocks to improve the volume, symmetry, and overall shape.

What Can I Expect With Butt Implant Surgery Recovery?

You’ll experience some bruising and swelling that will gradually subside as you heal. As with the Brazilian butt lift, you will need to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks during the first two weeks of recovery. Sleeping on your side and using a special cushion when sitting are essential to limit the pressure on your buttocks during this crucial early stage of the recovery.

How Long After a Butt Augmentation Will I See My Results?

Most normal activity can be resumed within two weeks, but avoid exercise for approximately six weeks. It may take as long as three months for the buttock implants to settle into the proper position. At this point, you should experience your final outcome.

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