When is the Best Time for a Tummy Tuck?

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Eliminate love handles with a Tummy tuck in MarylandMany of us want to find ways to improve our physical appearance, hoping that it will increase our self confidence. One way to do this is by having an elective cosmetic procedure like a tummy tuck in Maryland.

While tummy tucks are considered noninvasive and generally carry with them a quick recovery time, there are still several factors to be considered before choosing to do this, or any other surgery. One of the most important questions should be: is this the right time? Here are some questions to help you decide which time is right for you.

Have you tried diet and exercise?

The heartiest way to eliminate excess fat around the abdomen is to exercise and eat right. We understand, however, that despite your best efforts, some fat remains. If you feel you have put several hours on the treadmill and still need some results, maybe it’s tummy tuck time.

Are you at a generally healthy point in your life?

Chances for complications can increase if there are other health risks associated. Before you consider surgery, make sure you are at a healthy point in your life and that your body is ready to handle the additional strain.

Are you planning on getting pregnant?

Getting pregnant after a tummy tuck will essentially undo everything that has been done. Think into the future and determine if you plan on growing your family, before you elect to have a cosmetic procedure of any kind.

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