What Should I Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery?

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A Maryland woman reflects on her breast reduction SurgeryThe reasons for seeking breast reduction surgery in Maryland include relief from painful back aches or bra straps that dig into your shoulders, improved self-image, eliminating a serious hindrance to physical activity and even the ability to find clothes that fit properly. Aside from attaining any of these goals, you should consider the recovery process from the procedure.

Breast Reduction Recovery

The process of breast surgery can vary substantially from person to person, depending on desired outcomes and pre-surgical condition. Because of this, recovery can also vary. In general, you may expect:

  • Bandages and a special surgical bra to support the breasts
  • Some people will have drain tubes that will be in place for a few days
  • Stitches that will be removed in one to two weeks
  • Some pain for a few days that will taper off to discomfort that can last a week or more
  • Swelling and bruising that can last for several weeks
  • Required rest for a couple of weeks
  • Restrictions on strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for up to a month or more
  • Visible scars that may diminish over time

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