What Procedures Are Part of a Mommy Makeover?

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Pregnancy, child birth and nursing affect all women differently. However, many women in and around Alexandria are dissatisfied with the way the process affects their bodies. If you're looking to achieve a dramatic, post-pregnancy body rejuvenation, a mommy makeover might be right for you.

Because every woman is unique, so is every mommy makeover. At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we shape your mommy makeover to fit your needs and your goals.

There are a number of procedures that are associated with the mommy makeover- which ones are right for you depends entirely on your specific circumstances. Commonly performed procedures include:

The common factor in all of our mommy makeovers is the extraordinary rejuvenation they achieve for our patients. We're committed to helping Alexandria-area women get the results they desire.

If you live in the Alexandria, Virginia area and you're considering a mommy makeover, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery today at 301-567-6767 for a consultation.