The Proof of Plastic Surgery - Maryland Patients Look Younger

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When seeking plastic surgery, Maryland patients often cite the desire to look younger. While generally understood, the objective is a difficult one to quantify. It can be challenging for potential patients and doctors to gauge the success of a procedure without a measurable result.

A recent collaborative study between University of Toronto in Canada and NorthShore University Health System in Evanston, IL aimed to quantify the perceived age difference in patients as a result of cosmetic procedures. In the study, students were asked to view photographs of patients who had undergone a combination of face lifts, eyelid surgery and forehead lifts in order to estimate their age. When given images of patients before cosmetic surgery, the average rating was 1.7 years younger than the patient's actual age. When pictures of post-op patients were reviewed, the average guess was 8.9 years younger, which is a drastic change in estimate.

After undergoing plastic surgery, Maryland patients often reported looking youthful, but this study proves that these results are not just the perception of the patient. Now, surgeons can confidently report  that procedures remove between 5 and 7 years from an individual's appearance, and have solid data to confirm it.

For effective plastic surgery, Maryland surgeon Dr. Michael Chiaramonte of Bella Cosmetic Surgery can help you look the way you feel. Now that facial procedures are proven to dramatically reduce an individual’s apparent age, patients can have confidence to achieve the younger look they desire through cosmetic surgery.

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