Planning For Breast Augmentation Before Your Wedding

Cosmetic surgery in preparation for a wedding is not an uncommon thing to do. After all, your wedding day should be an event to remember! You deserve to look and feel your absolute best.

Brides-to-be may be curious about enhancing their breasts, but wondering if there is enough time for all to be healed before the wedding. The answer is that it depends. For the most part, you should schedule a breast enlargement at least 6-12 months before the wedding. This provides ample time for:

  • Healing and reduction of swelling. It takes about six weeks for most of the swelling to go away. Not only do you want the swelling to be gone for the actual wedding day, but also consider when you’ll be trying on wedding dresses. You’ll want your bust to fit the dress correctly, and not to end up with a dress that is too large because of the swelling at the time.
  • Breast implant settling. Breast implants sit high on the chest immediately after surgery. Over the next several months they settle into place. It’s a good idea to allow 3-4 months for settling to take place before the wedding.
  • Reaching the final shape and size. Breast augmentation results are finalized after 6-12 months. All the swelling will be completely gone at this point. You’ll be fully cleared for all activities and travel. Your final breast shape will have taken form. This may be the most optimal timing for the wedding.

Dr. Chiaramonte can help you with an aesthetic surgery plan based on the time before your wedding. If there is not enough time to allow for breast augmentation, there may be minimally invasive treatments like dermal fillers to refresh your facial appearance, laser skin resurfacing, or a BellaVamp facial.

If you are wondering which aesthetic touch-ups can be done in time for your wedding, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery at 301-567-6767. We look forward to answering your questions and arranging a consultation for you with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Chiaramonte in Oxon Hill, MD.

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