New Year, New You: Is It Time For A Mommy Makeover?

A new year means it’s time for positive changes. If you recently had a child, there’s probably a lot of good change in your life right now — but there may also be changes that aren’t so welcome. If you’re unhappy with how your body changed during pregnancy and childbirth, a mommy makeover can revitalize your figure and help you feel confident about your physical appearance for years to come. These signs may indicate that it’s time to consider a mommy makeover:

You Don’t Like How Your Breasts Look

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the size and shape of your breasts, nipples and areolas. If you’re unhappy with one of the following, a breast lift and/or breast augmentation as part of your mommy makeover can help restore your chest to its pre-pregnancy appearance:

  • Saggy or droopy breasts
  • Elongated or flattened breasts
  • Breasts that appear deflated
  • Nipples or areolas that point downward
  • Stretched or enlarged areolas
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Breasts that have lost shape or volume

You Have Stubborn Fat That Diet And Exercise Can’t Fix

For many women, a healthy diet and regular exercise isn’t enough to get rid of their baby weight. After pregnancy and birth, hormonal fluctuations and changes in your body composition can make weight loss a struggle. Our Maryland and Northern Virginia patients often choose liposuction as part of their mommy makeovers to contour their midsections to a better aesthetic.

You Hide Your Stomach Now That You’ve Given Birth

If you have excess skin in your stomach after giving birth, you may feel self-conscious showing off your midsection in a sport bra, bikini or in front of your significant other. A tummy tuck is a popular mommy makeover procedure that not only tightens and tones, but also strengthens your abdominal muscles for lasting results.

You’re Committed To A Healthy Lifestyle

If you schedule a mommy makeover at our Oxen Hill office, you’ll need to maintain a healthy lifestyle once you return home. A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will help your body recover, and eating well and exercising regularly will keep any weight from returning. While a nominal amount of weight gain isn’t likely to affect your results, gaining 30 percent or more of your body fat back will cause new fat cells to grow and could stretch skin that’s been treated during one of our procedures.

You’re Finished Having Children

A mommy makeover is designed to revitalize your body after childbirth, so you’ll want to be finished having children before committing to one. We understand that you want to look and feel your best between children, so we offer several non-surgical procedures that can help boost your confidence while you finish completing your family. Remember to let one of our staff members know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before any treatment or procedure.

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