Is a Mommy Makeover a Good Option for You?

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Mommy Makeover - Bella Cosmetic Surgery

Many women have heard of the mommy makeover, but they are not quite sure what it is or what it involves. This particular makeover usually describes a number of surgeries that a woman would have to rejuvenate her body after she has finished having children. Depending upon the patient’s specific needs, it can consist of several different procedures. Some of the options include a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift and/or augmentation.

Tummy tucks address stretched skin in the abdominal region and can fix separated abdominal muscles, as well as residual fat deposits. Liposuction also removes fat and is performed on many different areas of the body. Breast lift and/or augmentation, on the other hand, restores breast volume and shape lost through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The main benefit of the mommy makeover is that many of these procedures can be done at once. Combining procedures can be helpful with recovery and in reducing overall downtime. Additionally, undergoing more than one procedure at once results  in saved costs; this is because the anesthesiologist and the operating room fees will only need to be paid once.

There are many more benefits to having a mommy makeover, but one of the most important is helping you reach your beauty goals. It is important to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon to figure out exactly what procedures will help you look and feel your absolute best.