Maryland Plastic Surgery is on the Rise Among Men

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According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American men had almost 800,000 cosmetic procedures performed in 2011. In fact, this number has increased over 121% since 1997. Why the increase?

Some men may feel that their healthy lifestyle is not reflected by their appearance. The baby boomer generation is living longer than previous generations, but nobody likes the idea of aging, especially in a culture so engaged in preventing the aging process from occurring in the first place. Television ads, magazines and billboards are all inundated with young and athletic male models. Even classic Hollywood is looking younger and younger these days. This disparity is leading many men straight to the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Also, the news recently reported that some men are searching out cosmetic surgery as a way to secure their futures in a competitive workforce. Many men who once thought retirement was right around the corner are now finding themselves seeking employment in a job market flooded with younger, fresher faces. Lines and wrinkles, once associated with wisdom, may now be viewed as signs of a tired and haggard job applicant who might not be up to the demands of the workplace. Thus, many older men are turning to plastic surgery as a way to refresh their looks and give them a competitive edge.

Similar to the findings from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Chiaramonte has also seen a rise in patients seeking out male plastic surgery. A large number of Dr. Chiaramonte's patients have been referred by their female counterparts because of their positive results. Men are seeking out liposuction, tummy tucks, male breast reduction, eye and facial procedures, as well as medical spa services such as ProFractional laser treatments, botox and fillers. The results of plastic surgery speaks for themselves, and these days, men want to be as much a part of it as women.

Dr. Chiaramonte has over a decade of experience treating men both surgically and non-surgically for a more youthful and healthy appearance. Please call Dr. Chiaramonte of Bella Cosmetic Surgery for a complimentary consultation for male plastic surgery in Maryland, Virginia or in the DC area. Your new, more youthful appearance is only a phone call away!