Maryland Plastic Surgeon Develops the Bella Body Lift

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Dr. Michael Chiaramonte is a board certified plastic surgeon whose latest body contouring technique—the Bella Body Lift—combines tummy tuck and liposuction, allowing Maryland patients to sculpt and contour their entire mid-sections with a single lipoabdominoplasty procedure.

National Harbor, Maryland (July 2008)—The Bella Body Lift has been designed and implemented by Dr. Chiaramonte, a board certified plastic surgeon serving Maryland and Northern Virginia, to contour and shape the upper torso of patients with unsightly and disproportionate fat deposits. This surgery eliminates surplus skin and fat from underneath the bust area through the middle and lower abdomen to the lower buttocks.

Dissimilar to a tummy tuck or lower body lift, both of which concentrate only on the stomach or hips and thighs respectively, the Bella Body Lift shrinks and shapes that section between the breasts and upper stomach, which is often ignored. “The procedure at its heart is a complex combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty,” says Dr. Chiaramonte. “Therefore, it can also be called an ‘lipoabdominoplasty.’”

As with the tummy tuck, women and men who are in relatively good shape, but are bothered by large fat deposits that exercise just does not seem to address are the best candidates. “If you are plagued with bulges that show through your sweaters and form-fitting clothes,” adds Dr. Chiaramonte, “the Bella Body Lift could be the answer for you.”

Tummy tucks are a very effective procedure when the end goal is removal of surplus skin from the front of the body. However, the tummy tuck can leave many patients with unwanted deposits in the upper abdomen, love handles, and back. In most cases, an additional liposuction procedure will have to be performed a few months later to reshape the middle of the body. The “lipoabdominoplasty” procedure designed by Dr. Chiaramonte for his Maryland plastic surgery patients is a unique operation that combines liposuction of the entire midsection with a tummy tuck, resulting in a remarkable effect with a sole operation and conserving both time and funds for his patients.

“The operation is ideal for individuals who are at a secure and healthy weight who want to get rid of disproportionate bulges and deposits of fat,” says Dr. Chiaramonte. “For people on the lookout for the maximum effect of a body lift in Maryland, the Bella lipoabdominoplasty is an option worth considering.”

To learn more about the Bella Body Lift, Maryland and North Virginia residents can visit Dr. Chiaramonte’s office in National Harbor, Maryland, request a free consultation online or call the office at 866-BELLA-06.

By Michael F. Chiaramonte, MD, FACS, Bella Cosmetic Surgery