Is Your Plastic Surgeon in Maryland Board Certified?

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plastic surgeon MarylandBy finding the right plastic surgeon, Maryland residents can learn the difference in the way he or she look and feel post-op. The key, however, is to find the right one. Unfortunately, some patients are having irreversible snafus because they forgot to check some crucial details such as the doctor’s specific training and credentials. There’s a growing trend dubbed “white coat deception” that has been occurring because of some false assumptions – that just because a healthcare practitioner wears a white coat and went to medical school, he or she can perform any type of procedure. This is an incorrect assumption that both doctors and patients are making, with disastrous consequences.

One case that recently made the news illustrates this point. A healthy 40 year old woman went to a doctor to have her leaking breast implants replaced. This would have been a fairly simple procedure if it had been performed by a board certified plastic surgeon Maryland patients trust. Unfortunately, it was not. This patient chose a doctor who was not specifically trained in cosmetic surgery and when she woke up in the recovery room, she was horrified to learn that her breasts had become one large uniboob. In addition, without asking the patient’s permission, the physician also decided to surgically fix a scar near her eye. That impromptu eyelid nip-and-tuck resulted in her inability to close an eye.

The lesson of this story is to check a surgeon’s credentials. When you decide to enhance your appearance, choose a board certified plastic surgeon. Maryland cosmetic surgeon, Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS, for example, is board certified and highly regarded in performing breast augmentations, facial and body contouring procedures. When you want to enhance or alter any aspect of your physical appearance, choose a doctor with experience. Don’t ever let a scalpel into your life for a cosmetic enhancement unless it’s being held by a board certified plastic surgeon Maryland area residents can rely on.