Is Breast Augmentation Safe?

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At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, our first priority is always your safety and well-being. Dr. Michael Chiaramonte offers breast augmentations to his Maryland patients because he knows the procedure is safe and effective.

The breast augmentation procedure is commonly performed- every year, hundreds of thousands of patients across the world undergo the procedure without experiencing meaningful complications.

Over the years, plastic surgeons have improved and refined the breast augmentation procedure to the point where it boasts an incredible safety record. While no surgical procedure is completely risk-free, a breast augmentation from our board-certified plastic surgeon is a remarkably safe experience.

It's important to remember that just because a procedure is safe doesn't mean anyone can safely perform it. Every surgery should be taken seriously, and a procedure should only be performed by a surgeon qualified to perform it. When performed by an un-qualified doctor, a breast augmentation can pose unnecessary dangers to your health.

Dr. Chiaramonte respects the procedure and he respects you. He has the credentials and experience to safely perform a breast augmentation, and he will answer all of your questions so you can go into your procedure confident.

If you live in Maryland or anywhere else in the Washington, DC area and you're considering a breast augmentation, please call Bella Cosmetic Surgery at 301-567-6767 or contact us for a consultation.