Is BOTOX Safe?

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At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, the safety of our Fairfax-area patients is our highest priority. We never offer a procedure without possessing complete confidence in its safety and effectiveness. BOTOX® is a commonly performed procedure and possesses an exemplary safety record.

Popular culture often presents a comically hyperbolic view of BOTOX® and its supposed "dangers". In reality, this treatment is safe, simple and presents no real risk to patients when administered by a properly trained and educated plastic surgeon.

Every year millions of Americans undergo BOTOX® injections without experiencing any meaningful complications. Instead, they walk away with a fresh, youthful, reinvigorated facial appearance.

Now, it's crucial you only receive BOTOX® injections from a credible plastic surgeon. Dr. Michael Chiaramonte has decades of experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon. He knows how to safely and properly administer these injections.

By contrast, so-called "BOTOX® parties," at which a single, often poorly trained individual administers shots to multiple patients, are to be avoided. A cosmetic procedure needs to be taken seriously.

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