How Do I Choose Bras After My Breast Augmentation?

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A Maryland woman wears a bra after her breast augmentation If you have recently undergone breast augmentation surgery, you may find yourself like many of our Maryland patients, wondering how to choose the right bra.

Following your breast augmentation surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Chiaramonte will give you very detailed post-operative instructions for how to care for your new breast implants. This blog is not intended to replace the specific advice you receive regarding your unique situation, but it is a good starting point for understanding some general recommendations.

Typically, you will wear a surgical or sports bra day and night for the initial four weeks following your breast augmentation procedure. Constantly wearing a bra and sleeping on your back won’t always be comfortable, but these stipulations are critical for an effective recovery and positive results.

During those four weeks after your surgery, your breast size will fluctuate as swelling reduces. Because of this, there is no perfect way to determine the exact size you will need. There are, however, some important questions to take into consideration:

  • Are you changing cup sizes significantly (A cup to DD cup)?
  • Are you changing a numerical or letter sizing (32, 34, 36 or S, M,L)?

If you are enhancing your breasts one or two cup sizes, try going one size up from what you usually wear. If your augmentation is more significant buy one bra that is two to three sizes up, and another that is just below that.  Bring your non padded bra with you to your pre-operative appointment so Dr. Chiaramonte can confirm the snugness.

Following breast augmentation, or Maryland patients generally prefer a front-closure bra because it is easier to get on post-operatively.

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