Four Reasons You Should Consider Botox for Your Brow Lift

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is an injectable muscle relaxant that has been popular among both women and men for many years. Professionals have discovered a number of uses for this treatment, including as a non-surgical alternative to a brow lift. If you're unhappy with the lines around the outer edges of your eyes, or have a drooping appearance that makes you look older or fatigued, it may be the perfect solution. Check out four reasons why you should consider Botox for the brow lifting results you've been craving.

1) There is no recovery period

Unlike surgery, no recovery time is needed for Botox. You won't have to worry about having a caretaker nearby, missing work or having weeks of recovery. Likewise, there is no preparation needed in advance of your appointment.

2) Appointments are quick

After an initial consultation, you'll be ready for your first treatment. Appointments are typically 15 minutes long and can be scheduled in the middle of a busy workday. If you head straight back to work, few people will notice that you've had anything done.

3) It isn't permanent

Unlike surgery, the results from Botox are not long-lasting. The results typically last about three to four months, at which time you can elect to schedule another treatment.

4) It costs much less

The costs associated with Botox are much less than the costs associated with a cosmetic surgery procedure. Therefore, you won't need to worry about the possible financial implications that many surgical procedures carry.