Face Winter with Maryland Skin Care Treatments

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During the winter months in Maryland, skin care routines are often neglected, which cause your skin to feel dry, flaky and irritated. Now is the time to take charge of your winter skin care regimen. Here are some tips to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy all winter long.

  1. Choose a cleanser specific to your skin type. Everyone’s skin is unique and will benefit from a cleanser targeting your skin’s needs.

MYTH: The stronger the cleanser, the better.

FACT: Stick with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser. Soaps and stronger cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils.

  1. Apply sunscreen daily. The American Cancer Society reports more than 2 million skin cancers each year in the US.1 Therefore, year-round sunscreen protection is a must. You’ll want to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen, providing UVA and UVB protection. A thin layer over your face, neck and hands can help protect against damage that could cause precancerous and cancerous lesions, discoloration of the skin, including freckles and pigmentation problems, and wrinkles. Add in a UVA/UVB lip balm and you’ll be better off during the long winter months ahead with a Maryland skin care plan.

MYTH: Sunscreen isn’t necessary during cold or cloudy days.

FACT: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 should be used year-round.2 Damaging ultraviolet rays can penetrate the cloud layer as well as reflect off snow, causing significant skin damage.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It’s essential to keeping to your skin soft and healthy in Maryland. Skin care is important when your skin is exposed to the sun daily. However, not all moisturizers are alike. Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin is a key step.

MYTH: Oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer.

FACT: Skipping a moisturizer might actually make oily skin more oily. A lightweight moisturizer, used once a day, will help keep skin balanced and keep oil production down.

If the weather has your skin looking dull and uneven, you might want to consider microdermabrasion and/or chemical peels.

Microdermabrasionis a non-invasive procedure that stimulates collagen production through the removal of dead skin cells. This procedure will leave your skin feeling smoother and looking healthier in hours.3

Chemical peel is another non-invasive procedure that rejuvenates the skin’s surface by chemically smoothing the texture of your skin. Chemical peels reduce the signs of aging, sun damage, acne and more. This procedure will leave your skin feeling and looking rejuvenated.4

To learn more about winter skin protection and your personal Maryland skin care treatment, call for a complimentary personal consultation at 866-245-1880. We’ll help you choose the products and determine the procedures that are right for your Maryland skin care needs.


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