Does Plastic Surgery Make You More Likable?

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plastic surgery Alexandria | Alexandria, Virginia, MarylandOne of the biggest reasons people undergo plastic surgery in Alexandria is to improve their self-esteem. Plastic surgery can make you look younger, healthier and more alluring.

However, researchers at Georgetown University School of Medicine have recently found that women who have undergone certain cosmetic procedures are likely to be perceived by others as being more likeable, attractive and feminine, as well as harboring greater social skills.  

The study included 170 people who were asked to evaluate the pre- or post-operative pictures of 30 Caucasian women on personality traits, such as:

  • Extraversion
  • Likeability
  • Social skills
  • Risk-seeking behavior
  • Aggressiveness
  • Trustworthiness

None of the reviewers knew whether or not plastic surgery had been performed on the any of the women pictured, and no evaluator saw both the before and after photos of the same woman.

According to researchers, post-surgery improvements led to four commonly perceived traits: likeability, attractiveness, social skills and femininity. While not statistically conclusive, a trend toward a heightened perception of trustworthiness was also observed.

Facelifts and lower eye lifts garnered the most favorable reviews after surgery. These results reinforce earlier studies which show that the eyes are highly responsible for perceptions of beauty and trustworthiness.

The report was published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.  

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