Can I Nurse After Breast Augmentation?

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A Maryland breast augmentation patient holds her babyBreastfeeding is a common concern for women who are considering breast augmentation in Maryland. The truth is that it is different for every woman, even without breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is an additional consideration among the many others that can affect breastfeeding. For the majority of women who have had a breast augmentation, it will not interfere with the ability to breastfeed.

Breast Augmentation and Breastfeeding

There are no scientific studies on how breast augmentation affects breastfeeding, but a properly placed implant should not affect the existing breast tissue that produces milk. For women who have good milk supply before augmentation, there is no reason that should not continue once a breast augmentation has been performed.

Many women choose to wait until after their children are past breastfeeding age because pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause significant changes to the breasts. A mommy makeover can be a great way to achieve an overall rejuvenation after the childbirth and pregnancy years.

There are certain surgical techniques that can help ensure that your breast augmentation will not interfere with future breastfeeding. These breast implant options can avoid severing the nerves in the breast and nipple, so be sure to discuss all of your concerns with Dr. Chiaramonte during your consultation.

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