Can I Have a Child After Tummy Tuck?

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The tummy tuck is very popular with Washington DC-area women who have recently gone through pregnancy. However, undergoing a tummy tuck will not in any way prevent you from having a child in the future. That's crucial to know.

We often advise patients to wait until they're finished having children to undergo a tummy tuck. Pregnancy puts a significant strain on your body, and it's quite normal to experienced loosened skin and abdominal muscles after a pregnancy.

A tummy tuck is perfect for addressing these concerns. However, having a child after you've undergone the tummy tuck can put your results in jeopardy. Muscles can once again become loosened and skin can once again become flabby.

Still, we understand that life sometimes doesn't go according to plan. Your tummy tuck will not interfere with your pregnancy in any way.

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