Can I Exercise After Breast Augmentation?

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breast augmentation Maryland  | Washington DCThe prospect of abandoning an established fitness routine can be daunting for many of our patients considering breast augmentation in Maryland.  As with any surgical procedure, some postoperative restrictions are required to heal correctly.

The most important step when weighing your breast implant options is to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Chiaramonte. In your consultation, Dr. Chiaramonte will assess your current physical condition, activity level and candidacy for the procedure. It is critical to ask questions and ensure you understand the results and postoperative restrictions of your surgery and recovery.

The first six weeks after surgery should be dedicated solely to fully healing and safely returning to your normal life. While every patient’s body and circumstances are unique, here are some general recommendations to consider: 

  • Immediately following surgery: Most importantly – rest. You may be advised to do some light stretching, but do not exercise right after your surgery.
  • Week 1: Begin to gently venture into the fresh air with slow, easy walks. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop walking and rest more.
  • Week 2:  Considerable spikes in your heart rate and blood pressure could cause bleeding in the operative area. Avoid any upper body exercises, but begin some light lower-body routines such as leg lifts, stationary bikes and treadmills.
  • Weeks 3 – 6: Continue to avoid strenuous physical activity, such as running or heavy lifting, but you can start to recondition affected muscles with low-impact, low-resistance exercises.
  • Week 7 and beyond:  Gradually return to your usual exercise routine. Light dumbbell bench presses may be a good place to start. Cautiously ramp up to your previously-normal workouts. Welcome back.

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