Breast Implants and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Breast Implants - Bella Cosmetic SurgeryIf you are already pregnant or planning to become pregnant and have had a breast augmentation procedure, you may be wondering how your breasts will be affected.

Although your pregnancy will not affect the breast implants, the skin and tissue will go through some changes. One way to avoid drastic changes in the appearance of your skin is to monitor weight gain associated with pregnancy.

Many women find that monitoring their diets throughout their pregnancy decreases changes in physical appearance. While pregnant, you will notice that your breasts will become larger and slightly tender. This is a normal transition of pregnancy. In fact, your breasts may increase an additional cup size or two once breast milk is produced.

Following pregnancy, the breasts usually return to their original appearance without much impact on the breast implants. Diet and exercise can help to reduce sagging. Some women choose to have a lifting procedure after their pregnancy to reduce the sagging effects of weight gain.

If you’re already pregnant or actively trying to become pregnant, waiting until after your pregnancy is a better choice to avoid any complications during the procedure. To learn more about the procedure and its effects on your pregnancy, schedule an appointment to speak with a qualified physician.