Important Facts About Breast Implant Exchanges

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Women who undergo breast augmentation should know that their implants are not designed to last a lifetime. While some patients are happy with the results for many years and never need secondary surgery, it is common to require an implant exchange later in life. This procedure is an important part of the maintenance process and can help address a number of issues that may arise years after the initial surgery. The following issues, concerns and other factors are very common, and are worth thinking about when considering an implant exchange:


Rippling under the skin is typically a result of seeing the folds of an implants under the skin. It is more common in saline implants that were placed above the pectorals muscle. When medically recommended, this is easily corrected by a sub-muscular placement of a silicone implant.


Many saline units begin leaking due to normal wear and tear. While the saline solution is absorbed by the body without harm, the breast shape deflates and becomes uneven, creating the need for an implant exchange. Although silicone implants have an extremely low rupture rate, they may also need to be replaced over time. Talk to your plastic surgeon immediately if you feel you might need an implant exchange for a rupture or deflation. And, be sure to follow up yearly with your doctor to address issues of maintenance and possible implant exchange for size issues.

Breast Implant Exchange - Bella Cosmetic SurgeryDesire For A New Size

Occasionally, as women age, they find they would like to change implant size as well. Certain life events can impact this decision. Top of the list for implant exchange are weight loss or weight gain, breast changes after pregnancy or just the desire to go slightly bigger or smaller in size. If you feel you aren't quite happy with your size, be sure to discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.

Change To A Modern Fill Type

Advances in cosmetic surgery are never-ending, and new products are available every year. Women may choose an implant exchange to take advantage of a newer technology implant type, or to switch from a saline implant to a memory gel style silicone implant. Be sure to check with your doctor on the newest implants available, and to see what products might be right for you.