Breast Augmentation Benefits Go Beyond Size

Breast augmentation surgery is most well-known for increasing your bra cup size. However, many more benefits stem from this procedure than that. While having larger breasts can do a lot to boost your satisfaction with your body shape, improving breast size can alter the body in ways you never expected. If you’ve been leaning into the idea of increasing your breast size via breast augmentation, here are a few other benefits you may get to experience!

The Unexpected Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

Your breast size and shape are not completely separate from the rest of your body. All parts play into one another. When you choose to under breast enhancement with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon, what you get is the addition of volume in all the right places. If your breast size has always tended to be relatively small, breast enlargement can bring natural proportion to your hips and shoulders, creating the perfect hourglass shape for your frame. Dr. Chiaramonte has been performing breast augmentation, as well as a variety of other plastic surgery procedures, for over twenty years. He also serves as the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at Johns Hopkins. This is to say that he’s got the expertise that patients rely on to expand upon their anatomical shape in just the right ways to achieve the most rewarding outcomes.

Breast enlargement affects the appearance of your tummy. One of the unexpected and satisfying benefits of breast augmentation is that this surgery inherently adjusts the appearance of the tummy. There is no necessity for the “bigger is better” mindset, either. When small or deflated breasts are enlarged to create ideal volume and shape, the tummy naturally looks slimmer. If you want to maximize the relationship between your abdomen and your breasts, you can combine breast augmentation with liposuction or a tummy tuck. This common combination is the norm for our Mommy Makeover patients.

Symmetry improves through breast augmentation. Nearly all women have some degree of asymmetry between their breasts. One tends to be slightly larger than the other. In most cases, though, the imbalance is so slight that it is not readily noticed. In a handful of situations, one breast is visibly, frustratingly larger than the other. In this case, the plastic surgeon can resolve the issue by customizing the breast implant size for each breast.

Breast augmentation subtly enhances the body but can dramatically improve your confidence. You don’t have to feel highly self-conscious about your breasts to want breast augmentation. Most of our patients have a general sense of self that is healthy. They simply want their body shape to reflect the Self that they envision! If you picture yourself with more shapely, symmetrical, proportionate breasts, then there is a strong chance that breast augmentation would boost your confidence in a great way. You’ll be able to wear the clothing that suits you and feel great doing it.

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