A Healthy Mindset for Plastic Surgery

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In discussing your candidacy for plastic surgery, it's natural and reasonable to focus on physical considerations: your health, the extent to which a procedure can address a specific issue and so on. As important to our Washington DC-area patients, however, is sound mental health.

Modern plastic surgery is exceptionally safe, and Dr. Chiaramonte has ample experience with all of his procedures. We only offer a procedure if we are confident in its safety and effectiveness. However, plastic surgery can still present a significant challenge to a patient's mindset.

A cosmetic procedure can achieve a significant change in your overall appearance. Recovery from a procedure, while fully scheduled and understood, can be stressful. Dealing with all the elements of a plastic surgery procedure requires a sound mind as well as a sound body.

Before performing any procedure, we will first ensure that you possess reasonable expectations for results. We will discuss your reasons for considering a procedure and help you understand what you can expect after surgery.

We do this because we believe in ensuring that our Washington DC-area patients are prepared for everything that comes with plastic surgery. At Bella Cosmetic Surgery, we are committed to clear patient communication and complete honesty.

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