The Bella Body Lift

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If you have found that, in spite of regular exercise and physical activity, your abdominal area and waistline are not as contoured as you would like, then the Bella Body Lift may be your ideal option.

Designed and implemented by Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS, our board-certified plastic surgeon in the Maryland and Washington, DC area, this combined procedure of liposuction and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) called lipoabdominoplasty surgery can shape your mid-section by removing any disproportionate or unsightly fat deposits and sculpting this area of your body into its ideal proportions.

Bela Body Lift - Dr. Chiaramonte in Maryland

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What Is The Bella Body Lift?

A tummy tuck can be an effective procedure for you when your end goal is the removal of any surplus skin from the front of your midsection. There are times, however, when a tummy tuck can leave patients with unwanted fat deposits in your back, love handles, or upper abdomen. This may mean that an additional liposuction procedure is performed a few months later in order to re-shape and contour your midsection. This is precisely why Dr. Chiaramonte created the Bella Body Lift.

The Bella Body Lift, a combination of both liposuction and abdominoplasty is ideal for women or men who are at a secure and healthy weight, but wish to get rid of any disproportionate bulges or fat deposits.

This remarkable operation provides you with liposuction of your entire midsection and a tummy tuck simultaneously. This means that with a single cosmetic surgery procedure, you are conserving both time and funds.

While these two individual procedures themselves are fruitful and create a visually appealing midsection, combining them together provides you with a more impactful result.

Here's a brief overview of the individual procedures:

1)Liposuction - involves removing fat from certain parts of the body in order to create a more streamlined shape or silhouette

2)Abdominoplasty - flattens out your abdomen when excess fat and skin are removed and abdominal muscles tightened

Dr. Chiaramonte has performed thousands of lipoabdominoplasty procedures. He understands that even a small amount of fat removal can have a powerful impact on your appearance. Throughout time, he has tested and used a number of techniques and devices to refine the Bella Body Lift.

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