Arm Lift

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The products of increased age in the skin are apparent to nearly everyone. Over the years, our skin is altered in several ways: it becomes less thick and less elastic, no longer adheres as well to underlying flesh, and it can be affected adversely by the forces of gravity. Additionally, the underlying folds of fat, muscle, and bone lose thickness as well. The quantity of elastic flesh and the levels of collagen the appear in our dermis (the underlying levels of skin) also decline.

One area where these changes are especially apparent is the upper arm. Brachioplasty, or arm lift, helps Maryland and Northern Virginia residents lift and tighten up loose skin in the upper arms, resulting in a firmer, more youthful contour. Dr. Chiaramonte encourages you to request a consultation by calling 301-567-6767 if you are considering an arm lift so that you can learn more about this procedure and receive a professional opinion about your cosmetic needs.

The Surgery

Either a general or local anesthetic may be used for the procedure; however, most individuals prefer the general anesthesia.

Dr. Chiaramonte starts by demarcating the piece of surplus skin. An anesthetic is then given and surgical cuts are performed on the interior surface and underneath your arm, most often in a Z-shaped line. Skin removal will usually produce an elliptical or triangular shape. Frequently, fat tissue is removed via liposuction at this part of the procedure. The incision may continue from your armpit to an area as low as your elbow.

While the surplus fatty tissue and skin are eliminated, the residual skin is gently stretched and stitched into position. Sometimes, a medical drain is used to empty extra fluid from the surgical site, letting skin cling more firmly to the flesh below. The sutures are then covered in bandages. From start to finish, the procedure usually takes about two hours. After a supervised time in the recovery room, you are usually allowed to go home the same day.

Your New Look

Some of the benefits you’ll see after your surgery include:

  • Better symmetry and proportional correspondence in the shape of your arm.
  • Increased self-assurance and ease in fashion.
  • A pleasing and showable look within the first seven days that becomes even more natural over the next three to six months.

It is important to remember that your entire body will eventually show signs of natural aging, including the arm lift area. The effects of this procedure, however, are usually very durable, and most patients are happy with the effect of their surgery.

Arm Lift Cost

The average cost for arm lifts at Bella Cosmetic Surgery is between $5,500 and $8,000. Of course, this is an average range, and your estimate could vary depending on several factors. To learn more about your options and candidacy for the procedure, contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte.

To learn more about an arm lift, Maryland and North Virginia residents can visit our office in National Harbor, MD, request a consultation online, or call 301-567-6767 to schedule a personal consultation.